So security audit today

apparently the FBI thinks turning off SSID broadcast vastly improves the wifi network’s security.


what is the purpose of this thread


Tech cringe.

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no one goes to lounge anymore

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I’m gonna give it a full 24 hours to see if op does anything useful


Why is the FBI auditing your network?

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When they do talk about ssid, it does make sense. Of course this is geared towards political campaigns and such, but the common folk can still get their hole in with this.

Realistically I swore I heard other news about ssid from the government but can’t find it.

I agree, all of those SSID recommendations for political campaigns are good!

The CJIS recommendation to turn off broadcast is stupid. Anyone actually trying to attack you won’t be slowed down for 30 seconds, all it does is annoy legitimate users.


reason for audit: CJIS policy compliance

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You work for the FBI?


Turning off broadcasting of SSID does improve the security of a wireless network because it mitigates the likelihood of specific attacks.

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This isn’t true at all.

Security through obscurity.

The only thing it helps with is passive recon.

You can still get plenty of info by figuring out what devices are associated with what non-broadcasting BSSIDs and you can still perform all the same attacks against a non-broadcasting network.

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I believe in security through obscurity. Changing your SSH port is absolutely worthwhile, as is changing/blocking the /wp-admin directory on Wordpress, because they stop those drive-by attackers, and being that you’re exposed to the internet there are an absolute ton of them.

Your SSID is a different matter because the bad guy needs to be physically close-by to attack your network. Since it’s so trivial for anyone even slightly competent to sniff a non-broadcast SSID the advantages are slim, and far outweighed by annoying legit users.

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Yeah, but none of this will stop the people you’re really worried about.

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True, but it’ll save a ton of disk space from being consumed by logs of people rattling your doorknob while not really inconveniencing anyone, so it’s worth doing.

No, I work for a “interface agency” that consumes data provided by the FBI

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It’s no big deal for me to turn off broadcast, the location where this wifi network exists isn’t easily publicly accessible so it’s kind of a moot point is all.

Just got a laugh, I thought we were past the days of security through obscurity.

moderator please move to a more relevant forum, there’s no direct “network” related issue to discuss here.

Do you get a signal from the parking lot or lobby?

Never underestimate the Plant-Pwnie-Express.

So my friends higher up the food chain came back this week, and found some new problems.

Now, not only is broadcasting the wifi network name a security breach, but having the network name include characters that identify the agency is a security breach.

I wanted to ask if I could name the network “NOTTHEFBI” but figured the auditors lack of sense of humor would just cause hard feelings.

So I have to hide my wifi and name it something strange, all in the name of saving the world for democracy or some such.