So no SLI on Gtx 1060, does anyone care?

So the Gtx 1060 is out and there is no SLI Support, period. I don't think its a bad thing. I think limiting SLI on the *80 grade card is somewhat debatable, let the enthusiast be an enthusiast and so on, but no SLI on the *60 series card? I kind of like it actually. In past I thought it was idiotic that they gave the option to SLI the 60 series card, since buying too *60 series cards was always just in between the *70 and *80 series card in terms of performance IF everything worked perfectly. Now you were always better off buying a single card because not all games will work perfectly. But now that everyone is losing their shit over RX 480 CFX, will people give a shit now?

My opinion, I don't care at all, this limits people from buying too lower series cards in hopes of more performance and ending up with a driver disaster. There still is DX 12 multi-gpu that would allow for multiple Gtx 1060's to work together, but by the time that is properly integrated the 1060 will probably be out of date.


Pretty sure it takes next to no effort to at least put the option there.

If you buy a 480 instead and can find one used super cheap later, that's an easy potential upgrade for decent performance in some games


Look it really doesn't matter. very few people use SLI/Crossfire and very few people do it on lower end cards. I doubt this will impact the sales of it as much or if at all


The idea that nVidia took it away is kinda shitty. It really doesn't cost them much more to implement and seems pretty ridiculous to have it arbitrarily chopped off. Especially when it seems like a cynical attempt to protect the 1080. It really shows how nVidia doesn't give two shits about you or what you want and just works to better their own bottom line.


I always suggest one more powerful card over multi gpu setups. better support, less bugs, less stutter.
I only suggest multi gpu for flagship class cards

I care about multi-GPU set ups a little bit, but I am still bummed out that AMD is banking too hard on it. I hope the 490 isn't just a dual 480...I am just as bummed that the 1060 has NO SLI support, not even 2-Way, I know 3-4 Way is a terrible idea, but come on.

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Same here, after having a few multi gpu setups using the 2nd tier gpu I am going to be spending that money all on one card instead in the future before adding a second.

I feel like the no sli on the 1060 is just more incentive for people to buy a 1070 or 1080 instead, which they would make a larger % profit on.

It opresses me.


GPU's should have already been a resource on the system to be used however needed and Singular solutions like crossfire and S:LI are doomed to start with being solo and flawed.

I ranted before and I dont speak well but a PC can take 7 or even 10 modern GPU's and put them alll to max usage. No problem.

Its Nvidia and AMD playing gaming with shit drivers and closed source holding the WHOLE WORLD back on VR, games. multi gpu and everything. Microsoft making DX12 capable of multi GPU and different everything makes it true. I knew it already.

These idiot companies are holding the world back because humans can't share or play nice...ZERO.

Take into account Oculus, greed in locking down new games when there are hardly any to start with VS VIVE. If they dont play nice VR is DEAD.

We cant let this buildshit fracture standards of life when on the servers linux rules and everyone gains cause open standard and source. Gamers need an assassin to slay these idiots that think we are fools.


Yeah, both companies are being pretty stupid right now, NVidia not supporting SLI, dropping the ball on drivers, and price gouging their GPUs. And then there is AMD, still having power issues (nothing new for AMD) with their graphics card (although you could undervolt an RX 480 to fix that), still sitting on their asses on Linux drivers, and making stupid decisions such as making an RX 490 a dual RX 480. I am just seeing who can screw up the worst at this point now. Duopolies, the illusion that there is no Monopoly, works in politics too...

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Oculus already removed the DRM, that's over.

They want to profit, and enabling Nvidia gpus and AMD Gpus to work together means that neither company gets the profit of selling you all the gpus you have in your system. Capitalism is great.

I dont buy a video card cause im scared to make a mistake....Take that away and many more sales would happen....There full on idiots and old school.

It takes like an iphone to ruin the phone market but make it better for all...We need a PC GFX card to ruin Nvidias and AMDs day and make a difference where we say if it wasnt for X those pricks would keep us crippled.

I know they wont do it there both pricks. I hope open source VM projects will do it. Maybe Vulkan

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They can always bring it back, and believe me, they will. It's inevitable, especially since Microsoft and Facebook especially, ate Oculus alive now.

If they want to profit, why do they continuously screw up as of late (The incompetence with NVidia AND AMD's new GPUs is pretty outstanding, I don't even remember seeing this much of it when AMD released a rebrand), that's what I mean by the illusion of capitalism. They are not interested in technological progress any further than their own wallets. NVidia doing away with SLI isn't considered a plus anywhere, that's more like the opposite of technological advancement, and that's just one backwards example, NVidia are pretty far from the worst offenders regarding that category.

Because they have not made a change that has actually made it so that they will sell less cards. Gtx 1080's sell out as soon as they stock, so Nvidia isn't hurting there. BlahBlahBlah their stock is low, doesn't matter, they can't keep cards on shelves. Not a bad problem to have.

They won't bring it back because it was actually affecting their sales. People were pissed off enough that the Rift did not sell as well as it should have, which is why they're making this move. They would have to have the confidence that it won't affect sales for them to bring it back, and if it doesn't then thats on the shoulders of the consumer.

DX12 lets Nvidia card and AMD work together....It can be done so why it is not a focus is greed and stupidity.....In the end open source will get them working together.....Anything less than that is stalling for profit vs sales from customers attempting to pick to correct one when there is no correct one.

Granted only ONE GAME EXISTS... I love RTS and dont even like the game but it works.

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I like to know why you think being low on stock doesn't matter, it means they were not able to meet demands, and the fact that the demand is already only like 5-10% as high as the demand for lower tier cards like the RX 480, and they STILL couldn't meet it. They couldn't keep cards on the shelf cause they barely HAD ANY TO BEGIN WITH. Not very impressive at all and NVidia's greed is stabbing them in the back once more.

Won't matter if they lock people into their ecosystem, once you lock people into their ecosystem, they have trouble getting out, makes me wish I never got stuck into Window's ecosystem, I mean, look at Windows, people can cry and be pissed off at Windows all they want, but Microsoft ain't doing shit to fix any of their problems. They didn't even bother selling Windows anymore at this point, they went to data collecting for money, which is pretty close to free money at this point for them although it doesn't come without risk neither (that's the business world for ya, there is always risk).

I don't think VR will be that popular to where that will be a problem that bad, but Oculus will go back to it's old routes once it is safe for them to do so. Plus, Facebook pretty much owns them at this point, so I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if DRM came back.

We are going to need some 'Voodoo' magic for a 3rd dGPU company to happen

The reason they left it out is if there really is reason to believe a 1060 is 15% BETTER than a 980, then there would be no reason to have a 1080.

If you can sell every card you manufacture, your not doing bad. They have the majority market dominance, the majority mind share, and can't keep cards in stock. Nvidia's Greed isn't stabbing them in the back, they're still way ahead of AMD in yearly revenue and cards sold. THAT is impressive, because they can't stop making money.

Nvidia is trying to protect the value of their higher end cards, no other rhyme or reason why they would lock out SLI for 1060. Nvidia has been really careful at segmenting each of their cards in terms of performance gap compared to the 900 series where often times reviewers would question Nvidia's sanity for putting out 970.

This would probably help out dual GPU support in games