So my 100Mbit hub(yes, hub, not switch) for wireshark'ing didn't survive the last office move


…and I am wondering, where to get a replacement of such an ‘outdated’, yet useful utility.

Any help?


Netgear switch on amazon

I’ve been happy with the netgear switches for unmanages switching. Just make sure it has the limited lifetime warranty as the other stuff is lower quality.

If your looking to jump into the managed switch or unifi equipment other people here can give you a much better answer.

And you can get networking equipment on amazon / newegg / microcenter / bestbuy.

Just an fyi networking switches have taken over as the default for connecting networked equipment over a hub.

Some of the cheap “managed” switches like this Netgear have port mirroring option.


you guys know he was looking for a hub so that he could man-in-the-middle data on his network right?

even the port mirroring on the barebones switch is not quite the same as most the time on the low end hardware they are more of an S-flow and tend to be droppy. i guess a hub could have the same issue.

what i use a lot of time is a (intel) NIC that support promiscuous mode. as long as you are on the same vlan (and switch) and there is not a router between devices you should get a good idea of what is going on.


Isn’t Ettercap

a thing anymore?

I used it back in the day to man in the middle myself to get map/monster tracking in Everquest …

Oh man, it’s been more than 15 years now :frowning:

If port mirroring is giving you grief and 100mbps hub isn’t, you can still use a cheap switch and make input+output ports sit on 2 VLANs, and bring both VLANs into your laptop and bridge two VLANs in software… and sniff traffic off the bridge.

Not exactly the same as a hub, but should be close enough.

(btw - possibly it might be worth checking the Q-in-Q is supported, … all cheap mikrotik switches I tried can be configured to work fine with all kinds of tagging that can be used for this).


If you don’t mind a little more clicking in Wireshark, MikroTik supports sniffing and steaming sniffed packets via TZSP.