So MSFT rolled out IE11 for w7. Thoughts so far?

I've only come across a couple things so far that have bugged me, but I'm sure it's just a lack of info on how to adjust the setting to fix it.

My first issue was going to my work benefits site. It looks like someone tried to take a normal web site like this and kiddify it for a tablet. The only thing I could see was the left hand list of links, but just about everything felt like it went off screen somehow. That made it entirely useless to try to do anything. The second issue (and I Know I've fixed this every version, but forget how) is the damned "Only showing secured content" thing. Lastly, I don't see the 'Compatibility Mode' button near the top.

What have you come across so far? Solutions?

Personally, I always recommend you never use it. There are far better options out there than IE. Leave it there because you have to have for it windows update but hide it and never use it.

I never really do anything online that would necessitate I look for something else and even though resources aren't really an issue anymore (on this system), I've never really liked the other browsers honestly. It's good to have alternatives though.

For the benefit of mankind, I hope this thread and that answer is just pointless trolling...

Nope, its real. My browser use is far beyond casual. Which is why i think the way i do. For casual use it may be okay but i cant honestly recommend it.

Wasn't talking about your comment mate, I entirely and fullheartedly second your motion to stay away from IE even if it's the last browser on earth.

Anecdote: sunday evening I did a short screen capture for the forum to demonstrate several different virtual machines with kvm/qemu on a linux box, and as per usual when running windows in a container behind a linux netfilter, the bloody default microsoft starting page wouldn't even come up, blocked by the linux firewall, go figure...

LOL I tell you why. Ever catch ms backdooring into your system. Then they waste your os to try and cover their tracks.

I have HATED IE since before it was even invented :-)

Aww brings back memories, I remember in Windows XP when you could use your browser to view web pages, was pretty cool.

I suppose, if you're only interested in alternative systems, then it would be, but while I do like to tinker, I'm not a Linux skill level tinkerer. Like everything else (especially discussion) in life, I try to view things objectively and search for information that May become useful in a discussion/support request down the road. Perhaps I'm not as 'enthusiast' as some, but I would Hope that someone would be interested in the information resulting from this discussion.

It seems that was the only site affected, but corporations like that are slow to adapt to changes until enough users have changed. It's a workload issue that they'll eventually work with, just not on day 1. We've only just this year begun using Windows 7 on the critical infrastructure. This is an observation, not the result of input from me of course as I'm not in a position to affect this sort of change.

wow, every time someone brings up ie everyone else's inner retard comes out

To be fair, I think it would be safe to say that the majority of the followers of the Tek are more invested in Linux than anything else, but there's nothing wrong with that.

To be fair IE does have an absolutely terrible reputation from back in the days of IE6 ad once people have lost trust in a product its not easy to get it back a lot of people dont like to move on and accept that recent versions of IE have been perfectly fine, I personally wouldnt use them I would rather use FireFox for various reasons but there is really nothing wrong with IE anymore

Its getting better in ways. Biggest problem is that its so far behind the curve. ( as far as what is needed in security and how we as users use our browsers) that its mostly to little too late. Far superior options out there. When i see someone using ie i almost cant help but feel sorry for them.

I don't worry about manga explorer or even it's big spyware brother MS-windows, I run them from a libvirt container in Fedora 20 now, and that has a full blown role based access control, that even prevents any hidden super malware code from accessing hardware. I would even risk running Microsoft malware on Microsoft corrupted UEFI secure boot machines, just block access to the hardware, vafanculo Bill Gates and that cokehead-ex-CEO-guy-what-was-his-name-again...