So Microsoft is doing Linux now

Probably they should take it more seriously though....

Basically the problem lies with a bug in the administrations agent of Azure, an application that is added to a standard RHEL install to allow Azure to push updates (yeah, no simple Cron tasks for Microsoft, they insist on neing able to push updates), and what's much worse, allows Microsoft to push system installed software (no flatpacks, no dockers, system software in a linux install!) to a RHEL VM in Azure.

Because of the bug, any attacker could have gained full root access to any RHEL VM on Azure...

So maybe Microsoft coming closer to Linux is not such a great idea after all...

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Oh wow! No way!

Anyone saying that this was so cool and that Microsoft is all about linux and ohh what a great time... Literally can go fuck themselves with a chainsaw. if ANYone is going to believe for one damn second that microsoft, the home company of the one dumbass guy who thought "I can just buy out linux" THEN tried to sue the linux foundation because he couldn't buy it, the company that has basically thrown out all stops to rip up your traffic, the biggest dick suck lazily managed half assed pile of shit of a company that is microsoft is FOR A SECONd doing something new, interesting, innocent and cool?

Yeah, and the NSA is a good nanny service and no pope ever raped a kid.

This shit should have been seen day one in 2007 good fucking god.


Fuck Microsoft. They never learn...


MS are all cool now with MS joining the Linux foundation. MS aren't like the old company they used to be and the EEE no longer applies.



If Microsoft wants Linux stuff in their windows OS go ahead. but stay away from the Linux foundation and i don't want them in my OS. I like my Linux distro and if they want to buy the Linux foundation they can go to hell.

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This could have been seen before 2007, when Microsoft was attacking a word processing program before Word was relevant, back when they still had DOS. DOS wasn't going down until they made sure they broke that program, and people wonder why we were against UWP where they thought about going at Valve.

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This was a BIG BIG mistake. One does not simply let the wolf inside the hen house.


Well we should expect that their code would come with the respective QA and coding styles...They probably just want to outsource these to the user community...

Microsoft has been a contributor on the kernel for years now. For some even in the top 20 industrial contributors...There is MS on the kernel already for quite some time now..

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I wonder if that's what MS's plans are for linux though, make it Windows-level-unsafe like they did with the Azure instances...

I also wonder what Red Hat's opinion is on all that... do they have a problem with MS (it was RHEL, not CentOS), or are they interested in building it into all versions of RHEL?

Especially that last thing is what really is on my mind.

That plan would not work...Too much of a long shot. People will be looking at MS contributions too closely to get away with that. I would consider more likely that they want the community to fix their shit for free.

RH reaction will be interesting indeed.

Great, am i going to be forced to use bsd now?

Nah, maybe not RHEL and Ubuntu any more though lol

Sorry i didnt know (due to the reserch on my end and for me for being dumb and not looking for the news that they were doing that...). but i was talking about their software and how they spy and do some stupid shit that they would pull on a windows computer like forced updates and candy crush

I'm off them already thankfully

Yeah me too I quit RHEL when they went evil like two-ish years ago? And Canonical has been evil for longer than that lol, never was a big fan after 10.04.

When MS provides an elf for exchange 2016, I'll be able to rid my openstack deployment of Windows servers 100%.

@zoltan, what distro are you using now?

For business, almost everything is SuSE and OpenSuSE.

For personal laptop and desktop, I use Fedora. For lab I use Scientific, Gentoo, Debian, KDE Neon, Fedora, VectorLinux, and OpenSuSE RTOS for the moment. But I like to explore different distros and packages all the time, BIG FAN of the SuSEStudio Build Service lol

Hmmm, I guess I'll have to play around with SuSE a bit more then.

I've heard good things about SuSEStudio. I should check it out again. Been a few years.

I suck at installing OpenSuse. I've tried it three times, once with a CD I made, once with a CD from one of those Linux mags and finally as a VM with the iOS direct from the source.

I'm not a 1337 leet nix haxor, but I'm also not a total noob - and my gosh - I've wanted to install it so bad, but had such bad luck with it.

(Not trying to create a distro flame war - just stating - it's probably awesome, but from my experience, I'll never know for sure)

Lol yeah these things can happen. Try starting the installer in safe mode. It's a thing with Sabayon and OpenSuSE that they're picky about some systems. That's why people often dislike distros that aren't really minimal, because the more you add, the more can go wrong lol