So many keyboard questions

Dear the Tek Syndicate team,

   Whats the situation with the keyboard reviewing? Is there any hope of me hearing beamspring, model f, gh60, or phantom ever mentioned on the show? I often contemplate buying a cherry mx compatible key cap from your store however not knowing if its abs, pbt or the build quality (ex. double shots, tripple shots) drives me nuts! I really think logan or wendell ought to do a review on any old custom 60% with lubed and dampend ergo clears. Infact I think Logan's only even reviewed stock mx boards has he not? Have you considered reviewing anything with matias alps switches? Ive seen you have quite a decent coverage of ibm model m keyboards but never discusses the plastic rivets poping or the restoration. Plus a model m certainly isnt THE ibm classic keyboard, just what came with everyone's ps/2's back in the day. THE ibm classic keyboard would be the model f or the beamspring with the honorable mention of the wheelwriter and other type writer keyboards. There's even the ibms with linear vintage t alps which us enthusiasts want to pretend do not exist because we hate linear. Or as Bobbby Boucher jr's mama would say,LINEAR IS THE DEVIL!

I really think deserves an Honorable mention. He truly is the best of the best when it comes to restoring ibm model m keyboards.I paid him myself to restore my keyboard and its likely the best $55 you will ever spend.

I would love if you guys talked about the micro controllers and pcb mfr's of the keyboards you review.

Have Wendell , Logan, Quain, or Pistol ever used a beamspring?

In short, Id like to know the tech specs, see you talk about custom stuff instead of premade things, And also cover the many many other options besides buying modern oem mush.

Thanks for reading! I hope I didn't over-nerd the post.

Also: is it possible we could make the tab key work while entering text on here?

Answers: 1) Yes, 2) No, 3) Door on the left, 4) Cheese.

Seriously I would love to see some more slightly obscure keyboard reviews, or switches and boards. I had the unfortunate happening to have some LEDs die in my K95. Never really got a definitive answer as to why this happens, LEDs have a fantastic life span, not less than 4 months.

Keyboard reviews are nice but specifics are why I really watch. Stuff like surface mount or PCB mounted MX switches would be great to know. I wish the K95 was a PCB mounted switch so I could get a MX black K95.

I would love to know if there are any linear switch keys that are harder than MX Black in something somewhat mainstream or at least available on some market.

Either way more specifics would be nice if there are more reviews.

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If anyone wants to send me a model F and requisite adapter I will be grateful. LoL. I used to have one. A long time ago.  I prefer the M or possibly M15.


put it in the next tek, I guarentee one of us has one thats converted. Mine isnt...YET. Gotta love the 107 key 4704 kishsaver style boards.

It's nice to see an enthusiast.  I agree that modded/uncommon keyboards are more interesting, but I think given their current workload making videos on "obscure" keyboards is probably out of reach for now.  I don't know what their keycaps are made out of, but if I was guessing I'd say ABS, and from the pictures they don't appear to be doubleshot.

Yeah Looked like pad printed abs to me but I wanted to dream. I really hope they can cover the obscure stuff! I would more than be willing to loan them my phantom to use!