So Level1techs goes to Germany? Well Let me buy you a good, tasty, refreshing german beer then!

Hey there,

so if i understood you right than logan is gonna be at gamescon in cologne right? Well i just happen to live near Cologne and while i personally don't want to go to gamescon i would love to buy you guys a beer while you are here!

So if you are interested just shoot me a messager here or on steam (detrexer there too) and I'd be really happy to meet you guys!


A fan-meetup in Cologne would be very cool indeed. The fan-meetup in Munich is discussed here.

The date of the meetup is the 7th. Location is yet to decide.

Preliminary guest list:
List of people would be currently:

Garfield both dates
@detrexer both dates
@t800a on the 7th
@nikitaman both dates
@bweasel both dates
@homeboy93 both dates
@Jqes both dates
@Geoff both, prefers 7th

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I'd drive the 3hrs it takes to get there to see them too. I'd get you guys some good schnitzel to go along with your beers, haha.

I'm just over the boarder, working in France. I'd love to reacquaint myself with German beer. Great idea @Garfield .

I'm gonna be at gamescom on sunday. Hope I can meet some of you there.

I really miss German beer, my short time in Kiel was an amazing experience. My favorites were Warsteiner and this other great beer they had at a place called Kieler Brauerei (Im guessing Kiel's Brewery?). Both of those beers fresh on tap were the best beers I've ever had.

Ill bring a crate of beer to the meetup. Would be awesome to see some of you guys there!

Wish I could go! I love German beer.

Exactly my thoughts. How about it, @Logan?

We are staying up in Dusseldorf. However, I rented a car, so we can meet in the evenings almost anywhere. I love a good Beergarden. Qain is not a beer drinker. He does scotch, cider, and red wine.

Let's get a meetup going on the 6th or 7th in Cologne somewhere. Throw suggestions at me!


Okay brainstorm:

Cider and scotch calls for an irish/scottish pub or a bar that has a decent wine card. Is anyone local to cologne and has some tipps. Otherwise I would have to reach out to friends for recommendations.

We will have to make a reservation. Friend of mine suggested either Gaffel or Früh both at the Cologne Dome so it's easy for everyone to get there:

I would be interested to come to a meetup on the 7th, too.
But I wouldn't want to go somewhere central Köln. It's probbably packed with people, because gamescom...

Maybe some nice restauran/biergarden a bit outside, with good connection to the autobahn so @Logan & @DeusQain can get back on their way to Düsseldorf easy? Should be also easier for people, like me, who would need to drive there.

Something like this maybe: ?


I don't know of a good Biergarten in Cologne. But for an Irish Pub there's Jameson on Friesenstraße 30 that I can recommend. They serve different brews including local Kölsch, and have a wide variety of Scotchs.

The question is whether it is packed with people because of gamescon. One could argue that most of the people going there are under the age of 16 and we have all the bars for ourselves. I don't know but I'd think that if we make a reservation it would be okay. Plus we will at least have two people who came early to cologne and could get the table.

I think making a reservation, especially since we can do it so far ahear is a good Idea so we don't have to worry about it. I'd be there early too to make sure we get the place

Dont forget about the Wiener schnitzel.
Bier und Schnitzel, daß ist Deutschland lol. ☺


Hmm, well yeah but locations like gaffel and früh should be croweded anyways, at least on a Friday.
But there are other nice brewhouses one could go to, I really liked the Päffgen brewery.
I am just not to keen on going to one of those main "tourist & bachelor party attractions".

Yeah, the famous german -Wiener- Schnitzel ... :D

Oh, no no no no, we're in Cologne. It's not beer, quite the opposite: it's Kölsch.

@t800a Brewery sounds good too.

I think we should just get a table at a bar for the meetup and then decide whether we go to another place after that.

This is looking nice too:
And only a short walk from the gamescon.