So let's say I want to set up a ghetto mesh network

So I'm moving into a condo with densely packed wireless interference, and I can't modify the existing structure. The wiring is such that EoP isn't feasible, and I can't just run external CAT because I have roommates.

I do however, have no shortage of wireless router/sAPs. Is it feasible, or possible, to set up a ghetto mesh network to get better coverage in my condo? If so, where would I start? if not, are there other cheap/free options?

5g? that can't be too denesly packed?

Thought so too, you'd be surprised.


Well, the only real thing I can imagine is to have a physical cable from a switch.
Could you post a pic with what for example wifi-scanner says?

2.4 ghz saturated on all channels, 5ghz saturated on all channels compatible with my devices.

I don't know anything about wifi, I think you should have a cable. Perhaps you can fill a 5g channel with so many of your APs so everyone else leaves and then turn the unused ones off!

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Cabling isn't an option unfortunately. That's kinda the plan, via the mesh network. I have enough APs to get it done, just not sure how to go about it. I also have enough 2.5 ghz only devices that this is kinda the only solution I can think of

and when the other systems figure out that your channel is clean they will move back. I do know a guy who was able to throw everyone but him off the a channel. But I'm quite sure that was because he said he was a flightradar or something.

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This may be a stupid idea.
Doesn't each country have a restricted set of wireless channels that can be used and these are sometimes "set" in devices?
I remember seeing something regarding this on a wifi lecture video done by Darren Kitchen from Hak5.
If you can use a custom firmware on devices that allows you to select channels that aren't "legally" for use in your country, wouldn't these be kinda vacant?
Just an idea...may a dumb one.


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This might be something I look into, but I'm pretty sure it would necessitate moving all of my devices to nonstandard wireless bands as well, which may not be possible.

I did some research, and DD-wrt makes this super easy to set up. I've pulled out a small army of Linksys e1200's and completely drowned out my neighbors wifi. It cuts bandwidth in half per hop, So I've tethered them all to the main PFsense box. Neighbor asked if they could borrow our wifi because theirs "was on the fritz." I setup a slow guest AP with a WRT45G. So far so good.

will report in with more info as I have time to test reliablitity


Please do! I want to know if this works!

Wireless is not a mesh topology, it is a star topology.

mesh topology is when every node is directly connected (wired) to every node.

If you're gonna run that many 2.4 GHz APs next to each other, you must run them on non-overlapping channels or this will end of badly.

Channels: 1, 6, 11


"Wireless" is not a topology. And I'm pretty sure 802.11 has "Ad-Hoc" mode, which is basically a mesh network.

Sorry, should have defined 'it' better.

But from the way it look OP has set up his network, it is too powerful and causing interference with his neighbors.

Sorry i guess for using incorrect jargon @Dynamic_Gravity

Still no connection problems, I did have to change some DHCP settings because all of the routers are on the same SSID and subnet

well, its not jargon, its terminology. But thats just me being pedantic ;)

Glad everything is working for you.