So i've watched the Gaming Headset videos

And i'm thinking i should get the Superlux 668Bs with an Antlion Modmic. I've been using Sony MDR XB500s for a few years now. And my main concern with the 668Bs is that they seem to have the exact same faux leather material for the earpads as the MDRXB500s. These things have worn out and the materials is breaking up into little tiny pieces. Usually with some of it stuck to the sides of my head after use. They're apparently great for your money, but if they're going to just deteriorate in the same manner as my POS Sony ones, then i'd rather steer clear. Which materials for earpads don't tend to wear out?

Also. About the Modmic. I take it the 4.0 is the one to go with? Uni-Directional or Omni?

Live in the US?

how about these

I'm in Canada. And those are expensive... I was hoping there was something a bit better than the 668Bs in terms of build quality. The performance sounds to be good enough. But i'm worried about those whoopty-ass earpads.

I've used the Senns 558 which use the same ear pads for years and haven't had them break down yet, replacements are $10 on ebay. All I can say is that I can wear them all day long without any discomfort.

Same earpads as...? The 668Bs? If that is so, then i'll go ahead and purchase them with a Modmic. But if that is the case, and they have lasted you for years, then what the hell are they actually made of? It seems to be the same material as my XBR500s. That faux-leather crap. It's completely worn, and the soft part of the earpads are exposed.

No the Sennheiser Game One headset has the same earpads as the Sennheiser regular headphones (558, 595, 598's). I was going to go the modmic route but I'm going to give these Game One headsets a try, there's a mini review on Amazon for them and the mic on them sounds good plus it has some cool features. Raising the mic will mute it and there's a volume wheel on the right side.

Oh. Well, i'm looking at something that isn't over $200 CDN. That's a lot. I'd go the Modmic route if i could find something that won't deteriorate like an enemy turning into a pile of goop in Fallout 3 when shot with an energy weapon.

I hear ya, I've never had much luck with plastic leather (pleather) and try to avoid it as much as possible.

I went the Modmic route toward the start of the year and I definitely recommend it. The quality on the Modmic for the price is Amazing. As for the ear cups you could always find replacement ear cups that are a better quality material. If you want to know the Headphones I'm using they're the Audio-Technica ATH-AD400's:

Grab some AKG's on massdrop, and a dac/amp (mayflower electronics if you can afford it, otherwise get something cheaper in the meantime)

For a mic, use a little desktop mic - i think they're nicer than having the extra cables and mine works fine... I use the black version of this -

I am LOVING my SAMSON SR850's as they are the same as the Superlux 668b's but with nice Velour soft earpads.

I bought the California Headphone Companies Silverados from that video. No.mod mic as I have a mic on boom like Logan has, just with a cheaper mic.

The CHCs are all metal and real leather. No sweating or sticking from the pads and no deterioration yet. Had them.since that video came out so how ever long that is. They are not my desktop headphones, these are daily use, in and out of bags tossed around, they hold up great.

For the desktop I have a pair of AKG 553 Pros from.over on mass drop. I absolutely love them but the ear pads are sticky, not so much sweaty but they don't breathe. I need replacements for them.

As far as I know, you can get replacement pads for the Superlux 668b. They were my top choice till I found the CHCs cheaper new.

I suppose it's settled, then. I'll go with the 668Bs and Omni-Muted Antlion 4.0. I like having a Mute button. I'm just still worried about those damn 668B ear pads. Even with the replacement earpads. Seems like a dilemma, long-term. Unless of course someone could give me some real information and assure me that the replacement pads are solid. I don't want another pleather pair of headphones that fall apart. I'm ok using the original ones temporarily. If those replacement pads are nice, i'll go that route.

As for the Modmic, i take it i don't have to worry about it ever crapping out on me? If need be, i could eventually take them off the 668Bs and get a new pair? Which brings me to my next question. I'm a little confused as to how the parts of the Modmic work. You can take them off? What's the adhesive for, then?

Yeah the Modmic will last as long as you don't abuse it. It is not built flimsy but that said you can destroy one easily if you are rough. So just looking after it will see it last, you know don't pull on the cables, don't run over them with a chair, usual stuff.

The mod mic has a round clip on the mic and a base for the clip to click into. The base is the little adhesive thing. You attach it to a flat part of the headphone and then you can clip the mic to the little piece you just stuck on. So you can take the mic off if you want to take you headphones out. You get two clips I think, so you can have the mod mic on two different headphones if you are swapping them all the time, say a listening set and a game set, or a set that stays with the PC and a set that you carry around with you. Does that make sense?

So once the base with adhesive is on the flat part of a pair of headphones, it doesn't come off?

Pretty much, it is small and wont get in the way when the mic is not attached.

Hrrmm... I don't like that. Shit....

Well for alternatives, I currently got a set up like Logan has. Mic on an arm, shock mount, pop filter (where he has a dead cat) and a dirt cheap surprisingly good Logitech RockBand usb mic. Pretty cheap stuff, got it on amazon.

Would only go for an actual headset. The Sennheiser Game ONE seems good. But it's a little pricey. I suppose i'll just give myself some time to think about it. Such a shame most gaming headsets are balls.

This is the headset that i am currently using....after buying lots of cheap headsets with that lovely pleather which just eventually crumbles as you described, very well built nice clear mic no cheap pleather :)

Link :