So is there any reason to use Internet Explorer?

I'll just put this here.


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Wget ftw man


But pretty sure I wouldn't want to use a google made browser..

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Internet Explorer automatically turns off extensions and toolbars now.

Google Chrome is the new vector for bad extensions.

Not that I'd use IE, it's void of the features I want. I will be considering Edge, however.

Lol pick your poison, your data is going to be mined no matter where you go. I don't care what browser you use so long as its not IE.

Real friends don't let friends use Internet Exploder.

No. Your data is mined if you use Google Chrome.

In Firefox it is not:

In Microsoft it is not:

In Opera it is not:

In Safari it is not:

When you use Google you are the product. They have you commercialised.

You need to remember when you use their products how they make their money. They make their money from selling you.

We all use some Google services but in this digital world putting all your eggs in one basket is never the brightest idea.

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While it may be true that the browsers themselves aren't mining your data directly, the places you go, and the things you do will result in the same thing happening.

Why do you think an advertising company would invest so much money into a browser with no commercial gains?

Once you sign in on Google Chrome everything you do is being mined to sell you; Your history, searches, every character you type...

They 'accidently' put code in the open source Chromium which turns on microphones by default recently too.


I had to use Edge because the school diffie-Hellman key wasn't 1024bit and chrome+Firefox wouldn't allow going to websites with weak keys.