So is there any reason to use Internet Explorer?

So i`v been using Firefox for many years now but i was wondering is there any reason to use IE?

Toolbars of course!

But seriously no, not really. It will be interesting to see how Edge turns out. Though I'm sure it will be a data mine... who knows, time will tell.


No. Just no. Not even to install Firefox. Why?! Jesus how do you have a huge than of devs say "let's make a shitty product"

The ONLY reason to ever use IE is if you encounter a super old or sometimes corporate-focused site that for whatever reason still targets IE usage. Amazingly there are still some of these out there.

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No. Shame on you for even thinking about it. Lol


My schools websites in the pasts have freaked out on chrome, so then I had 1 internet explorer tab which was the school website and the rest was on chrome or firefox.

i cannot realy think about 1 particular reason for using internet explorer.

Yes, if you don't know how to use a computer, then yes. (Or are utterly stubborn)

You use it when you install windows to go to ninite to get firefox and chrome.


What He ^ said...Install other browsers.

Although you would surprised how many ppl still use explorer because they do not know better

If you make heavy use of Microsoft cloud based services or websites it can be faster and will properly support drag-n-drop with things like one drive.

For these reasons I will usually have IE and Firefox running my work laptop but just Firefox on my home PC.

neither can I think of a reason to use IE ..

Actually the case against using Internet Explorer is especially strong if you don't know how to use a computer.

Easiest way to get viruses ever.

The one reason I have for using IE is silver light compatibility. Being that it's been effectively blocked in chrome and FF.

Still doesn't make a daily browser though.

Sometimes I need to use it for older web sights, ones for school

Some of my bots will only run in IE ? cough Dont get righteous on me. Think what is the one game you cant play without one.

There used to be one reason - go online and download a different browser.. After windows 8.1 there is another reason download new OS

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What are you dong on my dad's computer?

I use it when 1) I do a reinstall and need to download firefox again 2) or if a website for some reason doesn't work in firefox

Past that at least in my experience there's no real reason to use IE as it's still behind other browsers. Not to mention it doesn't support good standards and doesn't drive the web forward in a good way, and lacks good extension support

Even if you did for some reason need to use IE to load a webpage you can load IE inside of a Chrome tab with an addon: