So... is it better to leave the side panel off?

It's been getting a lot hotter in my area, and my AC is very far away from my PC, and I don't want it to melt. Would taking the door off be a good idea for a while?

Also, would pointing a normal ol' fan at it help at all to clear out some more heat?


Why not. But beware of dust. alot of it.

No, the side door has much to do with airflow inside your case, direct a small fan at your machine to facilitate fresh air toward the fans on your case.

If you just take the door off and do nothing else then I'm not sure if it will help at all. It might actually hurt it a little because the fans will become less effective. If you remove the door and point a large fan directly towards the inside of your case, then that should help temps quite a bit.

been running mine sans cover for 5 months, no problems. except when my cat shredded her face on the cpu fan. R.I.P. ;)

Not moving any air through the system instead it's just laying dormant. I would keep the case nice and sealed. I actually moved my tower onto a coffee table to give it more space around it (Florida heat) that's been helping until the two months of winter we get. I'm also getting better fans with more airflow so I'm in the same situation as you.

Shit, did she die from that?

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Many years ago, my brother used to leave his side panel off and aim a fan directly at the inside of it. It really seemed to do the trick.

The fan died or the cat died?

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if you have shit airflow, like one 80mm exhaust like me, then yeah taking the side off will help

i remember reading the FCC saying all long term pc's must be in a closed case :S  seriously.. something about electromagnetic shiz

ok ,just clearing this up....

you want slight positive presure in your case. that means if you have a total of 500 cfm in, you want about 450 out or so.... this provides the best cooling.

by removing the side pannel, you loose the positive presure and you are just circulating air.

at the 20cfm point you need all the ventalltion you can get, I'm surprised I've been able to do insane OCs on my 5770 and 4Ghz 955 with only a 80mm fan and not blow it all to hell

I thought it made for a good story. It startled the hell out of me, though. lol

she's fine, thanks for asking

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yup. works great!

Isn't that what you're doing with the cover on? Just circulating hotter air......It seems to me the case does little more than protect components from damage, look cool and keep the dust out. And the also provides an income for the case fan manufacturers. With the fans on the CPU and GPU's working, without the case there would be no reason for case fans, yes? Once you enclose components you need to dissipate the heat they build up inside the case, right?  Any ambient (almost) room temp. is going to be lower. Just make sure you're moving it around. Is this fuzzy logic?