So I'm Locked Out of My Own Hotel Room

Still, all this technology, and we had to resort to a crowbar.

Maybe someday when the our AI overlords take over, the human revolution will take back control armed with crowbars and a dream.


If only there were a way that you could create a unique item that would allow you to enter a room. Perhaps a cross section could be cut out of metal with unique ridges or points on it that, in a sense, unlock a room. Such a device could then be available when electroniceans fail. Hmmmm. I'll have to sleep on this.


Thats why i never sleep in hotels.

Lol, my door was still propped open when I got back 6 hours later. What a shit show of a hotel.


What hotel is this? Don't want to stay there...

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Got something else you're busy doing all night long?

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This scares me a bit now lol. They just opened a hotel here called Raddison Red, you do everything on your smartphone, no human interaction.

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But i dont have a smart phone.

Well then you can't stay there lol

Well screw that.

Then iĀ“m going to take my caravan with me, traditionally.

hahahahahhahaha well that wouldn't be fun this time of year in Minnesota

fucking hell

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The Aloft hotel. Tulsa Oklahoma.
Garbage service.

Meanwhile, my night was pretty awesome otherwise. Had a really nice dinner, and saw Trombone Shorty and the New Orleans Avenue band open for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Really fantastic performances from both bands.


Just want to say I've found this thread extremely entertaining...


We left a note on the door before we left. The note said,
"Please use crowbar to open. Thank you.


Leave a bad review on Yelp and Twitter.

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This is quite amusing. Note to self: move in next to hotel and offer discount door repair services.


The doors are quite robust actually. Mostly metal construction. Most damage that was done was just some scuffs.

I find the battery confusing personally.

looking at your profile, you are also dutch
ha that explains the caravan.