So I'm Going To Get A New GPU Soon

Alright, so, I need a new GPU. I really need an overhaul. I'm pretty sure my CPU can make my R7 370 sweat and I know I won't need a CPU upgrade for... well a while.

At the end of the week I'll be getting paid between 250 and 350 bucks, have 115 now, I want to send 210 USD max. I have found these:

I want the 570 because the strix isn't available very often and I want an upgrade ASAP. Compared to my 2GB GPU I don't really care if I have 4GB or 8GB as I won't be playing AAA games or any big shit any time soon.

What I am having issues with is.... should I get a nvidia card? I can get a 1060 4G for 140 bucks on sale right now. My concern with doing that is I will never use windows for a majority of time and last I checked NV had shit drivers in linux. I play source games most of the time on top of a lot of emulators on stream. I need 1 DVI port, so as long as that shit goes together OK.... My concern at that point is driver speed and card performance in the long run.

I want to make a great choice that will last, oh I dunno, 4 years min? So if theres any major objections to that 570 I'll run for that one I think.


The suggestion of a 1060 got me thinking.

That one seems good for my price area and has what I need. I'll need to learn what I need to do to install the linux drivers and such, but unless I can think of a reason to not basically buy a 980ti this might be the route I go.

Edit Again

Or I could get a 580 8GB for not as much as I thought. I really don't want to buy NV and the 480's are expensive. I don't care about a 8% performance difference because 370 to 470 is literally 100% of my performance. I think a 1050 is probably even an upgrade at this point.

I think I will do a 580 and just lose my shit. I'm keeping away from nvidia. I know it seems dumb on a lot of levels, but I just never have any luck with them.

I would go with the 1060. Its going to beat the AMD 470/570 and it will still go toe to toe with the 4 and 580 in some cases.

Yeah.... But linux performance. I'm not going to be in windows for like 99% of what I do.
Are the proprietary drivers good quality? I don't use nvidia often and the last time I did it was rather trash and that was only 3-4 years ago.

The nvidia drivers are great. They get you great linux gaming performance and they seem to play better with wine than any other driver.


Hmmmm... Well it seems the most of the cards out there are out of my price range unless its a 3 gb card and thats hardly an upgrade.

Why can't they use normal numbers.....

Using a GTX 670, I've had no real trouble using the linux (Mint 17) drivers, at least recently. I remember having to disable the open-source driver, which killed the DM and I had to then install the proprietary one. Now on Mint it's a GUI button click in the settings.

Also on the off chance you end up using graphic art software, the CUDA on the Nvidia will help.

Honestly on the mid-high to high end AMD is one step behind Nvidia until the Vega cards come out, or they do some voodoo magic like Nvidia does with the Ti series every year ... hopefully for less money tho.

Fill out the damn rebate form.

If you don't get a 1060, then at LEAST get a 480 with an 8 pin power connector and flash it with the 580 bios.

But dont waste your money and time on the 470/570 cards.

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I remember MSI having problems. Have they cleared that up? I think I'll bump my price up if I can sell my 370. I'd really like the backplate.

Also...... 192 bit? Wat? That seems...... meek.

send it to me!
PM me for details

i got a thread for that

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