So I'm considering another 7970

Hey guys, I have a gigabyte 7970 oc that I run at almost 1100mhz. I was recently approached with an offer to buy a friend's 7970 for $150 and was wondering whether or not the 7970 crossfire was actually good compared to something like the 780. I know on paper the 7970 cf kills the 780, but I want to know how good it is in a practical, real world gaming scenario and whether or not frame times, input lag microstudder or bad fps from crossfire actually affect the gaming experience. I play games at 1440p and would like to start frapsing and making videos. If anyone has experience with CF 7970 or CF in general any advice is greatly appreciated. 


Thanks in advance,



For $150 do it. There is still the odd game here and there that has a crossfire bug in it, but for the boost in performance across the board in getting a xfire setup.... Hell yes.

You will certainly put that gold antec psu to work with both cards under load. Great stuff!