So i was wasting time on pc partpicker with my imaginary wallet and

....and i realized... if i sold my current rig.... i could very well get this stuff...more performance for about the same budget.... amazing how fast prices sink when you're dealing with technology.

Initially i was eyeing some modular PSU's to get rid of be quiet's ketchup and mustard power cables ( not worth it getting extensions). That EVGA for €150 ? Wonderful.

My current rig is an fx6300 on a 970 chipset, i feel my system is already so dated. i did add an extra 240gb ssd, that's about it. specs here:

So then i started a 'fresh build'...which would of course cost less if i just kept my hard drives, ssd's...

What do you think ?
Is my current rig worth upgrading or should i just try and get it sold after i've invested in/assembled/set up a new system ? Reckon i could get about 700/800 for it still ? Here in belgium anyways....prices for hardware are higher anyways so it would stil lbe way cheaper than buying stuff new here...

I don't want to part with my antec i have mixed feelings... but then again...i am aching to, this time, build a midrange pc that also looks color coded and ketchup and mustard, brown mobo pcb etc .... like...a next step in diy building for me.


I would keep that rig up until you are well past something like a 380. Until then, there isn't much of a point from a gaming perspective (unless you play a lot of cpu bound games). Just upgrade components as you see issues arrise with them. If you aren't doing well enough in games, then gpu first and go from there.

I honestly don't think going from an FX 6300 to an FX 8350 is worth it for anything other productivity, at which point it's better to go Intel. If you take a look at @NJM1112's Battle of The Hexa-Cores it shows that the FX 6300 is still plenty capable for gaming.

Going from a 270 to a 390 will make the computer feel like a rocketship in games though, so that would be fun.

Having said that, I think upgrading things that can be reused almost indefinitely is a good idea. A nice power supply should last forever, decent fans can be reused over and over for years, and even storage can last quite a while. I still have plenty of those "indefinite" parts that I'm still using that I got five years ago.

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yes, i picked the 8350 just for lols because i wanted something 'higher end' but you are totally right it would be overkill on both a price point and power consumption, i don't 'need' it but just picked it because an imaginary wallet can do whatever.
i am sticking with amd, because i am stubborn and don't want to sail the oceans of intel socket motherboards and their cool looks and feature options compared to the desert that is am3 socket board offers...

It just bugs me the asus's pcb is brown and the psu cables are ketchup and mustard. So if i keep this rig and upgrade it will be psu first (fully modular, that evga looks the tits for that price) and then a gpu with more ram.

Also, i'm sick of these corsar AF fans...silent my ass...compared to bequiet fans they are like annoying whiney babies in my rig...

I think my rig is doing just 'fine' still, just that the eye wants something too, and i felt like, if you invest in a better looking system, be efficient and go for better parts too...not just better looking ones.

I want to say that the new Gigabyte Gaming and whatever the new ASRock board is called that just came out both have black PCBs (I hate brown as well) and decent power delivery. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these newer motherboards end up being compatible with AM4 as well, unless AMD changes their socket layout for the first time in like a decade. I know on this side of the pond they don't carry too much of a premium compared to the other boards, but Europe is weird in the pricing.

But yeah, you'd probably see the biggest performance increase by getting a GPU, but quality power supplies will last forever. Getting both would be great.

lots of manufacturers are starting to get the need for black pcb's and neutral heatsinks. Not talking about rgb lighted mobos, stuff is pricey and looks too pimp (i say now......).
Most of them still have something like blue or red on the heatsinks though... a completely blacked out one is what i'd like..... it's actually what i would go for if i totally color coded it....all No highlights, no nothing, just maybe some chrome popping up from components here and there...that's it. Is why i like that nzxt h440 matte black a lot...i love be quiet's silent base 800...but the h440 looks so much more beastly yet 'minimalist'.

Wasn't amd going to have a uniform socket for both their new and old(er) stuff.... that would be nice....much more choice then and upgrading wouldn't be such a bitch.
Europe is indeed weird in pricing, the prices i see on pc partpicker make me drop my jaw, often, and then cry a little when i check REAL prices in the REAL WORLD ...i mostly order from the netherlands because they usually offer free shipping (to belgium) if you spend a certain amount...

The thing with computers is that if you are 'holding out' could 'hold out' forever because there will always be something new on the horizon that will make your choices of a few months prior totally STUPID. It's painfully hilarious.

@anon59440203 know what just hit me ? If i hadn't placed monthly orders on epicpants..for a few months in a row...that would've paid for a nice 8gb GPU ..and that evga psu, almost. .....epicpants, it's your damn fault, stop being epic. Be pants, that doesn't sell pants. Just kidding, i love you.


I don't know, I'd buy a bright UV motherboard if it was made. May just be me though.

The new APUs and FX processors are supposed to be all on AM4 rather than AM and FM sockets like they currently are. I vaguely remember reading that K12, the ARM based processors, may be AM4 as well, but I'm not so sure on that one.

As for "holding out", I'm currently holding out because I can't afford anything nice right now :D. Waiting for Zen/Kaby Lake before I decide if going back to higher end stuff is worth it.

Hahahaha, yep. Logan should just start sending you "samples" to be a salesperson, you've even made me buy stuff, which oddly enough I'm actually currently wearing.

you know i'm a salesperson, right ? it's in my veins...but... like a mutation/poison fluid...employment mutation..yep.

I'm wearing an undertale lesser dog shirt, for a change. Feels weird. :p

And a full psychedelic UV rig ? that would be interesting. ''check my pc!''' whoa, trippyyy
How much longer before there's components that can interact with other components to project images, videos.... too trippy.
See that rgb strip ? Soon, that rgb strip, will evolve....and then.... madness...

I work retail, so sales are quite common for me as well. Maybe I should get commission too... /s

The TS shirts are the only two shirts I own that have a design/text on them, so they feel weird to me. The printing on them turned out pretty nice after a wash or two though.

As for UV, I either like stuff being nice and sleek or a visual punch to the face. I pretty much don't care or anything in between for whatever reason. So a nice PC for me would either be something monochromatic or look like a rainbow puked all over it.

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well if you allready have a FX6300 right now,
then upgrading to a FX8350 will "most likely" not realy be that much of an upgrade wenn it comes to gaming.
If you do some rendering or streaming aswell, then it might be worth it.

You dont have to buy a new motherboard for a FX8350 by the way.
The Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 has a 6+2 powerphase and digi vrm.
Decent enough to run a FX83xx on.
In fact i run that combo for more then 3 years.

it's the damn brown pcb and my need for esthetics... i admit.

But as said, if i upgrade it will be the psu and then gpu. More budget friendly and i could get some more years out of it. THEN get another motherboard. With then, probably, future proofing it more than getting a whole new system for minor prestation improvement but mainly esthetics...i guess it's stupid.
Maybe it's also because i'm getting bored of my pc casing.
New always seems more appealing, but when you're on a budget, performance comes first, then esthetics. Sadly. Esthetics come at a price, still, but we're getting to that point where there will be more affordable choices for both good performance and good looks. ;)

You could probably save 100-200 euros buying a used 8350, heck find a 8350 + mobo combo for under 200 euros on ebay. Those bequiet fans are too overpriced, try finding them in 3 or 4 pack. 4 fans for 100 euros that like a crime. I would try get a used 390 for under 200 euros too.

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i do understand the esthetic part.
i´m annoyed looking at my blue Asus board in my red case.
And i realy want to get rid of it asap aswell.
But yeah wenn i upgrade i want to upgrade to something better aswell.
I would personaly not recommend to waste too much money into this old AMD AM3+ platform anymore by all means.
As you mentioned above your self, you allready feel that your current setup is a bit old allready.
Well wenn you upgrade your motherboard and cpu, you are basicly still stuck with the same old dead platform.
Just upgrade gpu and psu indeed, and save money for a platform upgrade later.

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totally agree with you on that indeed
would be the smarter move anyway.