So i transplanted my GPU

Up until today i was using a A-10 7850 (i think it is called, it's a pretty beefy 4 core CPU honestly)APU, i replaced the system with a 500$(this is european prices so more like 350 actual $) system using 32gb memory and a FX-8350 CPU, using the same RX480 GPU.
Holy shitniz the differences is stupid.
I mean supid, i tried skyrim 4k resolution and sofar it just runs fluent(Atleast ~30FPS+ i honestly havent had time todo benchmarks), compared to the APU which struggeled at 1080p, same GPU, and hardrive. Only major differences is the CPU, and 16gb more memory(Highly doubt more ram is the difference since i was allready sporting 16gb with the APU).
Not to mention this was while throwing a few threads from youtube onto cores 5+.
End of story im deffinetly not complaining for such a cheap upgrade.

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oh yeah...I had an A10-6800K with a 7870 for a while. I upgraded to an more bottlenecks that's for sure.

update tried wither 3, 4k reso, fired the NVIDIA hair dresser, smoooooot, it was glorious, visiting the whore house allmost gave me an *cough .
I really dont get the difference, the A-10 line are some VERY good CPU's(think bang for bucks) even without their GPUs, the GPU is just confetti.
my A-10 couldnt have handled this in in a million years.....And this is what they build consoles from sigh....
And consolers still insist that they're the "best"*cough *cough *cough were talking 4k gaming and multi tasking vs. i can insert a dvd to play my game at 720-1080p.....

Yeah XD...let's not forget...they insert the DVD to play the game at 30FPS...after they install it to the console XD...what's the point? Yeah the A series APUs are good for value or budget builds that you don't expect great performance out of. Anything past that and you've got to go FX. I'm glad to know some people still use AMD. My system is an FX-9590 and an R9 Fury but it seems like everyone is using Intel and nVidia.

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Well 2 fpu´s vs 4 fpu´s what would you expect? :)