So I think my mobo just fried

So I think my motherboard just fried. I have had my computer built since February. Woke up today and turbed it on. A few pops, a hissing noise and some smoke later, here I am staring at a dead computer.

any ideas where to start trying to figure out what happened?


  • Msi mpower z77
  • 3770k
  • 8gb corsair 
  • 7970
  • Corsair ax750 

It appears to have been smoking from in between the I/o panel and the CPU socket.

i dont hope that one of the lips on the io shield toutched the motherboard causing a short cirquit..?

Take the motherboard out of the case, lay it on the box install cpu+ cooler 1 ram stick connect the power supply, and try to fire it up outside the case. connect monitor to onboard video port.

Could also be a dead powersupply.. are fans spinning?

If you heard a pop and saw smoke, then most likely you'll be able to see physical damage, and also could be the PSU that went off, not the motherboard.   It happen to mine like 10 years ago, luckily it didn't damage anything else, I just replaced the PSU and the system still works to this day. 

How bout a video? You'll have to make do with the mobile link....

that's usually where your Voltage Regulation Modules are, sound like your motherboard fried itself.

There's no OC on it. No water or physical damage that I caused. I was on my rust server all day yesterday. And it worked fine. This better be covered by my warranty.

yeah those vrm´s are dead, but it seems like a short cirquit.

I'm gonna revive this thread instead of starting a new one. My new motherboard came in the mail today. So thanks to MSI for replacing that in less than 10 days.

I had geeksquad test my psu with a volt meter and everything came back normal.

I put my computer back together today and everything works fine. I guess I'm just kinda waiting for it to blow up again. Is it not weird that this just randomly happened and there is no specific reason why? 

New link to video

Msi's Intel stuff is solid, i'd bet you just got a faulty board.

well if a board burns out that quick as in that movie, that realy sounds like a short cirquit. Msi Mpower boards are realy sollid, and great that msi replaced it, without any troubles in less then 10 day´s how great is that! ☺

Yeah, just make sure your standoffs are correctly placed, if they arent, it can short out something. Make sure the IO panel is on correctly as well, as Mystery said.

Make sure no metal touches the back of the motherboard, except where there are screw holes on the motherboard.

Be sure to ONLY install stand-offs into your case where your motherboard requires them, or it will short, as well.