So I need to share some internet

I am trying to connect a Raspberry Pi to my laptop(Windows) for internet sharing so I can update it. I had to move the RPi to my room, which I can't connect to internet just yet. I have spent quite a bit of time researching but everything I have found doesn't solve my problem. I have gone into Network and Sharing in the Control Panel, checked "Allow internet sharing" or something like that, but I still can't connect to the internet on my Pi. I have tried to SSH into my Pi via Putty, but that didn't work. I remember my Pi's IP address from when it was connected to the internet, but I am beginning to think the IP has changed. How would I check that? I tried ifconfig but in the eth0 section, all it gives is a HWaddr or something like that. The connection starting from my router is router > laptop(this connection is wireless) > Raspberry Pi(this is done using an ethernet cable from the laptop's port to the Pi's). Is there anything special I need to do or what?

Did you turn internet sharing on in the wireless connection?