So i just got the Fractal Define R4 for cheap

So i got the Define R4 for $69 and i was wondering if it was worth it for that price or should i have waited for the R5? i mean i didnt have the extra money for the R5 yet so it would have been a week or two but i just want to know other peoples opinions about the R4 and how much i got it for!

oh and if someone could tell me if the noise reduction works as good as advertised that would be awesome! :D


It's a great pick at that price. While I was pleasantly surprised to see the number of improvements they found to make with the Define R4, I have no real reason to upgrade from my current Define R4.

I just bought the R4 Black Pearl with the window for $80, I'm not really sure how it is since I haven't received it yet. It'll be here tomorow.

Im running windowed pearl black Define R4 and Arc Mini R2. Both have been nothing but joy to build, own and maintain. Im considering a x-99 build and the R5 is deffo right up there on a very short list of contenders.