So I got these SCSI drives

I acquired some older SCSI drives that I plan on throwing into my home server. I figured there would be an easy way to go SCSI to SATA or get a SCSI controller card on the cheap but so far I'm coming up empty. Any ideas (other than my local recycling center)? These drives are the elongated oval serial connection (like SATA but way longer). Will post pic later. (Thought they were SAS but now understand they are SCSI, sry for edit)

New photo by Lord Exarkun631 (Exarkun631) New photo by Lord Exarkun631 (Exarkun631)

Try ebay for an adapter maybe, you can often find those adapters there for next to no money.

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@KemoKa73 this will work for SATA drives, but not for SCSI

@Exarkun631 only adapters I found were ridiculously expensive... Can you sell or refund them and get some SATA drives instead?

if you really want to use them
then this

and a few of these:

I luv this community! Thank you! But just to be clear there is no SCSI to SATA option that's cost effect/viable?

im not sure that such a thing existed lol

Thought so. I havent devoted a slot of time to research these things. Got them for free from a going out of business scenario. $30 is just about the tipping point in indulging this server bug Wendell and Co. planted in my grey matter. Although I've already dropped about as much on a xeon and board. Thanks again

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Just in the interest of thread completeness, that is an 80 pin SCSI drive.

I'll give you a good deal on two more ; )

I'm not sure a scsi to Sata or SAS adapter exists due to the bus differences.

SCSI controllers are easy. Thats SCSI 3 so just look up SCSI 3 controller....

Or buy mine I guess.

See its wierd that you would buy SCSI at all as they are slower than SATA 1.5.....

Didn't buy...came into possession is more apt. Anyway, I remember reading somewhere that these drives spun faster that most consumer grade HDDs and that the SCSI connection was faster then SATA 2. I've an old BTX 975x w/q6600 system that I use as a home server/ second PC media player. Using a 30gb SSD as boot and a couple of 500GB in raid as storage. Thought I could use the SCSI drives in RAID for near same perf w/added head room on the boot drive. Then swap the q6600 for a xeon x3350 cuz y not

It's easier to find the correct adapter by searching for Ultra-320 SCSI, since SCSI-3 includes a few other standards that won't directly interface with Ultra-320 due to signalling differences.

(Ultra-320 adapters do support most other SCSI-3 interfaces though.)

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Interesting. I know more about SCSI from a technical standpoint than compatibility inbetween.

Hmm, yeah I think I might let these old girls have their just repose in my basement with all the other junk.

Oooh, 15K Segate Cheeta drives! I used to have a couple of IBM equivalents at home with my very cheap Promise UW-SCSI PCI-card. A ponderous ~140 GB a pop :-)

Those drives were super loud even with the sounds standards 10+ years ago (15 maybe even). And I mean super loud, it is hard to be in the same room if you don't like the high pitched whine these drive emit even when completely idle. Fun times in the cramped student apartment :-)