So I got the Huawi Honor 5X TS reccomended

...but why the shit-nuggets do you have to ask the company for permission to root the phone!?!?! I'm very against this and it just so happens that if I follow what they want me to do, their website fails to login making it impossible to root the phone!

Why not just root it anyway?
Puck the folice

Well every guide requires the login. If you know of a way to bypass everything I would be very interested. I don't think I could even get into the environment to load a ROM without their blessing.

If I remember correctly Wendell mentioned in the last tek some security flaws that arose with android phones recently that he exploited to root a phone he had previously deemed "unrootable".

244: Hack The Planet? I'll skip through it. Any idea how far through it is/related article? (Will watch in full but i'm only upto 237

Yeah found it 39:25. Interesting but doesn't help a lot. Will report back if I make progress or go insane. More ideas appreciated.

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