So I am new to overclocking

I just used Asus AI suite 3 for its five way optimization and it OC my CPU ( I7-5820k) to 4700.0 MHZ It is stable but is it safe?

AFAIK the automation causes voltages to spike at times. Probably safe (ppl use it, right?), but it might kill the processor faster. I'd recommend manual OC.

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It should be fine for the most part. Over clocking is still outside standard spec even if the software is shipped natively with the system/motherboard so there is always the chance that something like AI Suite can do damage.

That said this is a common enough piece of software, along with similar things from other companies, so if there were going to be issues with its settings in the long term you would have heard about it by now.

I have hard the voltage spike thing a number of times from many sources but despite the warnings about it I have not heard about issues so far, granted I was not looking either.

I prefer manual "by hand" over clocking. It takes time and effort but us worth it to me. Also gives the twisted reassurance that if I do damage something I was the one that damaged it and not some third party.

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In my experience(with a couple of boards) auto overclocking is fine, although its not optimal. I was able to get higher overclocks with lower voltages on both of the boards. If you want your hardware to last longer, I would recommend overclocking manually.