So, how's the Zweihänder vinyl coming along?

I read something in another topic about a question regarding a special edition album, to which Logan replied "What about vinyl?". I was wondering if you had any real plans on publishing said album :3

yes, we need Zweihander in vinyl



 this is now a petition thread

+3   would love to spin it.

I would love to see it but i'm thinking about the price...

What does a record like that usually cost? 20 ex. shipping seems resonable.

ah ha! that was my thread, OP :)

vinyl would be awesome. but like i said in my post, i would also like a CD version as well (greedy). 

as for prices for vinyl, it all comes down to what Logan wants to do. he could go 12", multi-color, audiophile grade weight, etc. i think 12" record have like an 18min per side limit? could be wrong, but if that is the case, then both albums could not fit on a single record. 

many things to consider though. 

18 minutes per side is pretty standard, but they do make them longer.  Though even on something like an extended play LP which has 26 minutes per side, it's still not enough to hold both albums (Ear Slayer being 28:06 and Nitheren being 31:55).  So matter what, they'd each need their own pressing.

Pressing charges get pretty steep though.  8-10 bucks per unit at least I'd imagine.  So it'll be fairly costly.

Yeah. i was looking at one place online, and for 12" (color, matte finish, color label, sleeve), it was $9.50 each. HOWEVER, there is a 200 order minimum. so that is like $1,900.

i would still love a CD, just like in my original post. i mean, it would be MUCH cheaper for a professional looking album (booklet, inner art, CD art, etc.). hopefully we get SOMETHING tangible lol

Yeah there would be a added cost on top of that then delivery cost. With vinyl your not going to sell as much so there would be added premium so CD would be a lot more cost effective. For now i can deal with flac files there high enough quality.