So guys what did I miss?

Ok so I decided to start a new account. @BlastodonReturns is no more. I thought it would be appropriate to symbolize new beginnings. I haven't been on here for quite some time for a multitude of reasons. The main one being dealing with a family illness the 2nd being...well how should I put this? I knew something was amiss. In the back of my mind I could tell there was a disparity between the patreon money/ad revenue yada yada and what was being given to the fans in return. I can't even fathom now feeling guilty about not contributing to the old tek patreon page. I'm so glad I didn't. I'm not mad I'm just disappointed. Really disappointed. Basically the way I see it Logan isn't really that much different from one of those mega church pastors begging people to buy their book/dvd/etc then driving around in a luxury car and living in a McMansion. On a smaller scale of course but the basic premise is the same. That dude is fucking spoiled and a narcissist...possibly a sociopath. I spent a better part of last night reading the LTT forum post about tek syndicate burning along with the youtube video from ItsAGundam and reading both wendell 's and Logan 's Twitlonger posts. I'd say I was split down the middle as far as why I enjoyed TekSyndicate initially. I saw alot of similarities between myself and Logan as well as hanging on Wendell's every word of brilliant insight. So yeah man I really thought Logan was a more upstanding dude than he's turned out to be. Banning the mods? Seriously? I feel bad for @DeusQain too man. Apparently those guys have been friends since highschool. That's not something you can replace. I think this post should indicate that just because I haven't been around for awhile doesn't mean I don't give a shit. TekSyndicate was/ WAS past tense fucking great. LevelOne is the future. TekSyndicate is the past.

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Most people are looking to the future.
L1T is doing well, the community is doing well, we want to make sure we get more community things going (I do at least).
Crit (Logans new thing) seems to be doing alright.
Qain is doing alright.

I think everything that needed to be said has. And everyones just looking to the future and what we can do this year. There's ideas stirring for some community stuff, it's just time and thought to get it done XD

(This will probably be closed if not be me, by another mod, but it's no bearing on anything)

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For now. The patreon numbers speak for themselves. I just checked it today. I don't see Crit lasting long. Generally speaking if Logan Wendell and Qain just decided to mutually part ways and there wasn't any bad blood I'd be watching Crit because tinfoil hat nonsense is right up my alley. I just don't see that dude in the same light anymore. Yeah man feel free to lock the thread if you feel that's best. Cheers.

Welcome back!





And you are missing some 0 there

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That is what I thought, yes.

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I wouldn't spend to much thought on it, in retrospect things can always be done differently. Sometimes things work and other times they don't. The best thing we can do is just work on the things we want to improve.


Yeah man I agree. I just want to make one last point though. Basically would this be an apt summation of how things went down? "Hi I'm Logan () please donate to my patreon page so I can live beyond my means." Crowdfunding money means money that is 100% allocated to what it's meant to be used for. Not for travelling/concerts/groceries/beer/furry suits etc... For example that video about extreme overclocking was cool but doesn't it seem like that would be the next step? As in once a certain level of success has been achieved from crowd funding THEN move on to travelling outside the US for videos. Logan tried to fly too close to the sun and let his rock n' roll decadence cloud his judgement. I'm no stranger in dealing with individuals suffering from delusional narcissism. I've been in bands I've dealt with this kind of ass hattery on more than one occasion. It's quite common. youtube channels seems to be doing alright, 500K+ subscribers. Or about five times the size of Level1.

These are sub leftover by tek syndicate...It is the same channel....That used to be 600K

Yes, but not really dropping, Views are strong too, increasing steadily. If anything, the controversy increased traffic.

It dropped 40K from active viewers that subbed. That is a huge dip. Plus most money are coming from patreon and sponsors and not so much views. You have to revive those to make yourself sustainable. Crit´s loss was losing the paying customers.

That being said i really do not care that much and there is not much more to analyze...Both channels are going their way, people just watch and support whatever they prefer and there is not much more to it.

Can't say I care much either. I don't watch much, tired of the monkey business. Channel is the same as all the other "tech" you-tubers. No real science, mostly just a dancing monkey etc.

That said, seems to be doing well. Steady stream of new videos that seems to get good views.

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I think things are a bit more complicated than that. The thing is everyone considers the issue closed, and no one particularly cares for arguing over it, that was so 2016. :P We could sit and discuss what was wrong and right etc. But it is settled, you only need to see any number of videos where Wendell has mentioned it (the wan show for example), there's nothing really to discuss we have better more forward looking things to focus on.

Welcome back.

All the drama is over...Level 1 tech is a nice place...

Past that Logan keeps bothering Qain with shit and someone else calls the police on him whenever they get triggered about shit. Theres a lot of people I want to beat the shit out of right now.

@FaunCB so you know who Quaint is doing been thinking of him

He has a channel of his own started, can't remember the name but I'll edit or reply later unless someone else knows it. Seems like they're focusing on robotics last I checked

There it is, hard name to remember the spelling

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