So Gamestop is selling my Cousins software and it makes pc's perform up to 40% better while gaming?

So my Cousin created a company back in 2000 and has seen some success but he has apparently his software has been being sold at gamestop. I talked to him and he explained that his software has been shown to increase performance in pc games by up to 40% on average gaming pc's and 10 - 15% on hardcore pc gaming pcs(basically the pc's of people who know what they are doing). From what i understand is it creates a profile basically and tweaks the windows registry and removes everything that doesn't need to be running during a game and after the game ends it starts those processes again so you can actually use windows. Currently they are in the process of coming out with version 2 of the software in 30 days and i wanted to see if the community would like to see @DeusQain, @Logan_Hale and @wendell put it through its paces in a review if we gave them a trial version. Basically i would like to see them either destroy it as garbage that is unworthy of the pc master race or a valuable bit of software that can push the community farther and let are fps be high and our temps be low. Let me know what y'all think. Here is a link to the site (

I know what you're thinking,"wow it's a real link and not a spam too webcam porn". lol

So it's gameboost?Razer bought this one a while back

I'm not really sure what it is to be honest other then it basically turns off windows functions that are not needed to play the game.

Gameboost only did running processes though I think, although it's free.

But i think that's the genius part here. It turns off windows functions not just running processes which most pc gamers can do. It goes into the registry and prevents windows from fully functioning so only what the game needs to run is running.
I really think if this is truly the case then a holy grail moment may have happened for pc gaming. If not let the Tek Smite it. My cousin has other software that he sells and if this is crap the people need to know. I talked to him and he said he was cool with giving reviewers a copy when version 2 comes out in a month

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@DUFFMAN0651 shoot @Logan, @DeusQain, and @wendell a PM to discuss testing out the application directly.