So funny story

I finally got Linux to run on my computer but what i did not tell you guys is that i sorta wiped my windows install so i was forced either reinstall windows or continue to try to get open SUSE to work. well here i am with open SUSE Tumbleweed running now that i have it running with nouveau.modeset=0 I need to get my drivers for my 980 ti and get my dual monitor working so any help with that would be amazing thank you guys in advance and i know this is not a
help desk forum but i would love it if i can be able to boot without having to enter nomodeset every time i log in. bright side is i am Linux and if i can get this bad boy stable it would be start of the 1 year Linux challenge for me.... lol

Did you...... download and install the driver package from the nvidia website?

@FaunCB Negative I installed bumblebee repository. Which seem to solve both my problems for the moment . Lol this all feels so foreign now my problems consist of getting sound from YouTube and overall baby has a new OS lol.... Dumb things I'm sure I will learn in time like how to uninstall all the bloat ware I do not need and just add have the essentials. Add what I need as I go sort of thing. Like for instance I installed the budgie D.E. but I do not know how to run it. But again that comes from being a primarily windows user and now I just feel like I am breaking stuff without realizing it. Exciting and scary times... It's almost to much power for a noob like me to have. Lol

To change DE's, select them from the login screen. The YT audio problem was a thing with Pluse a while back, don't remember the fix though. It only lasted for a month. Check in your audio manager that your sound card on your GPU (HDMI) isn't getting stuff pushed to it.

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How do I check sound and thanks

pavucontrol. You can search it in your app menu or open it in terminal.

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I warned u dawg

@tkoham indeed you did

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You promised me you would start with Arch! :rage:
I have been grieved. The only way for you to fix this is to >install gentoo.

Lol, well I was stuck in a between a rock and a hard place having no operating system once I wiped.

Been there, done that. :stuck_out_tongue: That's actually how I ended up with Fedora on both my laptop and desktop.
Regardless, it sounds like you had better luck with OpenSuse than I've ever had. If you end up using it for a while please do keep us posted. I think the blog section of the forums is meant for that kind of thing. I'm interested to see how OpenSuse turns out for you, as I said in the previous thread I've wanted to switch to it but every time I do there's some issue that makes me revert back to either Arch or Fedora.