So does anyone else just not like BF1?

I really liked the beta. Then for some reason it just feels super slow and painful to play. Its insane trying to hit anyone at distance other than what the gun is for and even then its like taking half you mag into some one. The engagements are so long (time wise) that the other guy has time to get some shots off and you end up being useless bc you have 12 health or something. I have never once won a game of operations as offense. People just camp and snipe and its insane to try and take down tanks by yourself. Idk this game just feels off for me. I feel like I have to cheese to get kills. Id rather run around with a gun and kill people not bayonet charge into people and panic knife, or mortar or pick people off with a sniper. There just doesnt seem to be a good middle ground. Its either go for one kill at a time and hope you dont get sniped while youre reloading or camp and sit back and pick people off which is boring as hell. Plus I hope the bc the game hasnt actually luanch that they fix the main menu its awful. Battlelog wasnt my favorite after playing bfbc2 but its better than what it is now. Plus it just feels like the game is lacking. Anyone else feel like this might end up being just like hardline?

So does anyone else just not like BF1?

looks fun, didn't try

but its EA, I have a blood oath to never buy EA

its worked well so far

get the rest of my opinion with the $5 DLC


FPS games in general aren't fun anymore. A lot of the BF or COD games is all gearcheck and not really skill anymore and CS is so badly managed that even if I had the ability to play it it wouldn't be worth it in the first place.

There aren't good new-fps games anymore that are multiplayer. Anyone can say what they want, I do not care.

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(I'm a battlefield fanboy so just know that when you read anything I say about this game)

I've really enjoyed my time. I'm a conquest large player, and I've been enjoying the change from CS:GO and BF4. I dropped 41-16 last game, doing nothing but getting really close quarters engagements with the default sniper rifle xP

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Haven't played it, but I love what I see.

I have sworn in the past to not buy another battlefield game, but I always enjoyed them when my ISP would actually allow me to play (my ISP is the bane of my existence currently. They're at the top of my shit list. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would focus all my money and energies on putting their asses out of business).

I like that they brought destruction back, and I like that the guns are giving most people some amount of trouble to use properly (it means that the weapons are working as they should. CoD and most other FPS games have weapons that are too easy to use. People complaining just hold the trigger and bitch because their gun has recoil)

From what I've read and watched, the operations mode needs balancing to make it possible for the attacking team to win.

As for tanks......

Get Gud Scrub.

The only thing I don't like so far is the armored train. On some maps it is just fucking insane, and it snowballs an already leading team into a fucking domination. It needs to be a bit easier to deal with, as sometimes it just feels like no matter what you do, you can't kill it.

Lol its not possible to 1v1 a tank with someone with a pulse driving the tank. All the anti tank nades and three shots from the at rocket gun and you take one down. Thats like a good 30 seconds of being in line of sight of a tank. Thats just the light tank too. you see one of them landships youre fucked. Thats if no one else from the enemy team is around. There is a reason why tankers go whole rounds with out dying. Its not hard.

I may try the single player campaign sometime but like most online FPS games now it's repetition. Run, shoot, die, repeat.

The game looks great tough with lovely attention to detail.

I played the beta for a few hours and it was pretty fun. I've missed playing a WW game and that did a good job at hitting the spot. Having said that, I won't be buying it on release. I'd probably wait until it comes down in price. I doubt I'd touch the single player campaign either, Battlefield campaigns don't really appeal to me :/

BF4 was $10 when i bought it, so i'll do the same with BF1.


Game budget for this year is down to 30€. So I won´t buy it.

I don´t like it. Way too BF4 and not enough WW1.

i think its a beautiful game, and i wouldn't prefer any other setting over WWI. But the Battlefield multiplayer formula is not appealing to me. The whole concept of like, having to deliver more and more content. People don't seem to understand that less is more. How simple Quake is and how long that has lasted or counterstrike. I don't want to have to learn 200 variations of weapons in a game. Companies are trying harder and harder to get people to justify spending more on a game, and they are doing it by making games more and more bloated. Maybe i'll get it when its cheap for the singleplayer, although i hate the origin platform so i doubt it.

I don't know about the BF1 being slow paced game, from what I've seen from Matimi0 and Lvlcap's gameplay, it's very fast paced and brutal.

Not going to lie the single player is very good. It's serious and they did it really well. There are quite a few moments where I felt like god this might make me cry. Tho way too much stealth I will say that. I like to run in guns blazing. Not possible. No ammo and the guns suck.

True buts that's the problem. Not enough ammo and reloads are brutal Bc you burn through so many rounds trying to kill one guy.

But....but, I pre-ordered your Premium Edition so why doesn't that come included? Oh, thats right....the $90 premium edition was one-upped at the last minute with an even higher priced edition ($120 I think) and thats the one that comes with all DLC.....fuck you EA.

Pay $200 for the edition with die cast tank model



Visually the game is stunning! Runs amazing as well. 60fps everything max on my 3440x1400. Never dips below 60fps. Game play wise, I think it's great. Actually feels like I'm using guns from 100 years ago where I have to have some skill to hit someone.

My issues, is that it's battlefeild. There's always those certain people that are waaaay to good at the game and can make it frustrating at times. Also it sucks playing conquest and running for 5 min just to get sniped lol. So the game can be super frustrating but it can also be amazingly awesomely chaotic at the same time.

Love the time period the choose too. Great dark atmosphere.

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Cancelled my pre-order as soon as I found out about that bullshit, not getting it until it can be had with all DLC for $20 (like I did with BF4....which has survived Hardline, and will survive this one too)

I only play hard core modes when it comes to BF for that reason alone. I can't stand normal, people are just bullet sponges at that point.

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Same. I don't like having to shoot someone in the face with every bullet in the mag before they finally die....