So catalyst decided to fuck really hard with my new Arch

First of all, take a look at my new Arch I installed today.

Guys, is amazing. Arch is amazing. Thanks to Brennan for his dirty guide. Seriously, Arch is fucking
amazing. Amazing. HOLY F-- Ok enough. Just want to say that I liked the system.

And right now, I'm going back to my old Manjaro with my old 3.10 kernel. Why? 
I don't even know.

Well, you know, I play Dota 2. A lot. And with my HD6670 (pretty old, I know) I always
get enough FPS to play nicelly. I started linux on manjaro and always looked forward for an 
Arch installation.

So today I did it. Installed the OS and after some troubles with the video card (OH REALLY!) 
I finally make it: Arch on my setup, bitchs. Well, fuck. Not for too long.

It works well until I open my Dota. Then, I discovered that my performance with my video card 
is just fucked up. My FPS, that usually was 60~65 just fell to 28~30.

Well, catalyst 14.10 was released a few days ago, it's confusing. I did a lot of things, fixing 
bugs and etc, and nothing worked. I don't know what to do, but I know that I don't want to stay  
with a bugged GPU driver.

"Ok, fuck you Mathias, what's the point?" Well, ok. Manjaro is ok and all...... FUCK, ARCH IS AWESOME. 
Guys seriously, it gave me and my friend a lot of trouble to install it, and if anyone know something 
that can help us out, I'm certain you'd post it here.

Thank you all for the attention.

Arch is AWESOME.


What driver were you using beforehand ? Maybe you were using the open source one. 

Anyways, I can't really comment much on the AMD side of things, but with my Nvidia I've noticed that the driver does not always recognize DOTA as a running game, so it leaves the card underclocked. This usually happens when I'm alt-tabbing in and out of dota. The way I fixed it was dirty and dependent on nvidia, I use a certain dword in xorg config to force the driver to always operate the cards at full frequency. 

i am currently running catalyst-total it works pretty decent on my hd 7850 though its shitty in games like always, i also installed arch today!

I was the one "helping" him to install Arch, first we tried to install catalyst because the open-source driver was causing some weird artifacts on the screen, we used catalyst-total, but then the performance was lower than he used to play. After that, we gave up on catalyst and tried to find a fix for the artifacts on the open-source driver and we found that the "radeon.dpm=1" parameter fixed the problem, and the performance was better once again.