So, anything on GDDR5 APUs?

Is Kaveri confirmed not to support GDDR5 memory? That's a bummer. I was seriously considering going FM2+ all the way. AMD's integrated graphics has been quite decent but it needs the memory leap to become "good". It would be so gorgeous to have a single chip to fulfill mid-range gaming performance... Instead, we just have 720p machines with that. Still better than the X-Bone if you know what I'm saying ;)

The next step is DDR4 and while manufacturing of that type of RAM has started (APU's use system ram for graphics memory, not dedicated graphics memory) that will only really show up in some high performance Intel systems over 20014 and it should take at least another year until we see it going mainstream where APU systems could incorporate it. We'll have to see but DDR4 could be very expensive throughout 2014 which makes it uninteresting for budget systems.

AMD supports GDDR5 for both graphics and system memory in the custom chip for the Playstation 4, but that is a very special case. There is no sign of GDDR5 being used for anything other than dedicated graphics memory on the PC as of yet, which is natural considering the cost. With DDR4 there will eventually be relatively affordable workstations with 64GB of RAM, and beyond.

It will be exciting to see what DDR4 means to integrated graphics, but the first place we'll see any signs of that effect will sadly be with intel integrated GPU's.

Yeah, Intel is always the first to implement new technologies, which is a shame. When DDr does come to the market, though. It will be very nice for APUs. 

We probably wont see DDR5 for at least ten more years.

Fine... Well, kinda fine XD I have been reading some stuff on Kaveri and there was al old document suggesting that such APUs would use GDDR5 memory. On a latter document such information was absent and nothing else is being said. But I guess if such a thing were to happen AMD would be all out, making it impossible to not know, right? Meh, I don't know about these APUs man, they are appealing but they could kick major ass if crossfire was more effective. I guess we' ll just have to wait and see if Kaveri is good "enough".

Well APUs don't use GDDR memory. 

APUs use regular RAM for video memory. 

So for it to use DDR5 memory, your Motherboard would have to have DDR5 memory.


But we are still using DDR3, so you see the dilemma. 

Yep, that's right. Anyway, has anyone tested Crossfire with these APUs lately? I know Logan and Pistol were positive that AMD is starting to get things right with the latest drivers, but I also remember that games such as BF3 were plain horrendous with the iGPU +  HD6670 configuration.

Their latest drivers have all but completely stopped the microstuttering, from what ive heard. So it should be pretty good.

I posted this a few weeks ago, whether it's true or not, i don't know...but there's the link to the article:

The new A88X motherboards that are already out mention nothing about DDR4 or GDDR5 so it doesn't look good. However, i was thinking, is there a chance that once the new Kaveri APUs launch we might see a new chipset? I highly doubt it myself, but i'd like to hear your thoughts. 


FM2+ Mobos won't support anything different from a DDR3, at least not now...Maybe in a year or two there will be some DDR4 chipset, but that would require a different APU from Kaveri aswell.