So... About Operating Systems

Which one do i get for my new PC? Windows 7? Or Windows 10? I've heard nothing but great things about Windows 7. And my father even stressed to me that i should use Windows 7 after i suggested Windows 10, simply because it's newer. He works for one of the world's largest defence contractors, and pointed out Windows 7's reliability and the trust his company has in it.

But i have the feeling Windows 7, like Vista, is ultimately dead-end. I'm on Vista, and IE, amongst other things are not able to be updated any longer.

I'm sure there are performance benefits to Windows 10, no? Especially in the future?

I'd go for 10. 7 will end up becoming just as bad. Maybe use 10 for what you need it do, and give a Linux distro a shot in a dual boot?

One more thing; Windows 10 is just as reliable as 7. It uses the same Windows NT kernel, and receives the same security updates, if not more.

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Of course it is, thats how propitiatory software used to work, release and end support, make everyone upgrade. I saw used to because it look like microsoft, just like adobe and many others are moving to get you on paid subscriptions.

Windows 7 ended mainstream support in January 2015, its already out of date. Its now in extended support which pretty much means security updates until 2020. You have 4 years, which is probably enough.

But the simple fact is, if you want to use windows you going to have to upgrade eventually. And yes there usualy is performance improvements, especially coming from Vista, that crap was horrible, ive no idea how your still using it. Your actually the only person I can name who does xD

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And you know my pain.... :P. But apparently it's Microsoft's last OS, too? So, i guess that's even more reason to get it. Apparently they're going to contiuously update it into the future, like Apple does with MAC OS?

From what I have seen windows 8.1still has the best performance, so I usually recommend that with Start is back.

Go with 7, especially if going the legit route and paying for it since then the upgraded product key can be used for both versions.

Performance is very similar and only a newer directx version would be worth an upgrade to something more recent. If you do a temproary 7 install ->free upgrade to win 10->reinstall win 7 then you can always switch to win 10 later. Then pick which OS you like better.

Vista is supported until 2017.
Win 7 is currently supported until 2020
Win 8 until 2023
and 10 until 2025

Software in general tends to need upgrading at some point. That's true for every OS incl linux distros and servers but Win7 has quite a bit longer before it will get to that point. Lots of software vendors are still supporting Win XP actually, it's just that some are not.

As a side note, the performance of the OS doesn't really matter much considering how dependent on hardware the OS's performance actually is. The difference between near identical software-versions is minuscule.

So I'd recommend Win 7 overall but buy it and upgrade the key to win 10 to get a feel for both and pick which one you prefer.

Windows 10, mostly for future DX12.

@Kiyuubi I fail to see what is so great about Linux that it should be recommended in a thread about Windows.

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Honestly if you wanted the ultimate bump up you should go with a linux. In my honest opinion you will just have a better time with stuff, albeit, with some learning involved.

For a windows OS I wouldn't bother with 7 simply because it is rather slow in comparison to 10 but I wouldn't go with 10 either. I'm a wierd little fucker in that I actually liked 8. Arguing about the menu is stupid to me because I just hit the super key (window key? Window key?) and start typing the name of the app. The only thing I had on the menu was steam games and all of that crap so I didn't have to read things (the lazy fuck that I am). 8 had the speed that the large cuts made, a nice interface (for me anyways), would grab drivers for me. I mean in all honesty 8 was the definition of perfect to me after XP. If I could use XP on my 4 core 12 GB ram machine I probably would, but, sadly that will never happen. Oh well.

If not linux I would do 8. Hell skip the 8.1 update and just do flat 8. You skip a lot of useless crap plus the spyware shit. Edit some stuff and isolate it and you have a dream os.

Good luck.

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Guys the OP wants windows. He clearly pointed it out and its in the windows section @Kiyuubi I do not understand why you recommended linux. Promote linux elsewhere where people want to here about it . Dont be hipsters and just answer his question to be frank. If he wants to dual boot he will.. an OS is only a tool its the same argument with linux distros. Id go windows 10 its a great OS despite all the tin foil hatness surrounding it. Windows 7 however would be the fastest in comparison to eight but Windows 10 has the better kernel

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Fastest, you say? One thing i'm interested in doing is clearing out all the BS and lowering the resources used by the OS as much as possible, to make way for gaming and productivity. I won't be doing any serious 3D modelling yet. Possibly not until i build a new system, or if i hold out long enough, and upgrade to Volta while using my 960 in the meantime.

fastest out of the choices of the OP..

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Well, i won't Gestapo guard anyone for mentioning Linux. I was always curious about it. But for now, i'm looking at Windows options. I'll eventually experiment with Linux.

You may as well go for 10 since all the OS'spyware is getting rolled back into 8.1 and win10 performs a bit better.

The spyware update was done recently on both 8.1 & 7...

8/10 is faster. Better resource management, significantly better boot times if you are stuck with a normal HDD.

OP wasn't asking about LInux..... Respect other's choices.

Offering up alternatives never hurts...

It is like if someone asks for ice cream and you give them fried chicken. Doesn't matter if fried chicken is good, it isn't what they wanted.


Yes it does when it is unnecessary. If they wanted to look at alternatives. they would literally ask about linux alternatives


The alternative is shit when in the wrong section. The OP didn't ask for it, don't give it.