So a friend gave me there GTX 780ti cause he is upgrading i need some help

So i got a used 780ti. i tested it and it works great. but should i replace my 2 R9 270x's or sell the 780ti? which is faster. i know people talk about microstuttering with thr 270x but actually the game that stutters is GTA V. so? which i looked on Passmark and it said the 780ti is alomost 2 times a 270x. two 270xs beat a 780ti.? the scale decently. i just wanna know your guys view.

One powerful gpu is better then two slower, less driver problems.

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i agree. maybe ill just keep ther r9 270x 4GBs for a while. ill take em out and play with the 780ti for a while. if i like it ill sell my R9s (even though it looks frecking amazing lol and it has some real use) and thn ill have some money to buy a Fury X or something.

im running a 768p tv btw

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...stick itch the 780 TI in that case...

Before you get rid of one or the other, Do some benchmarks!

yeah great idea!!!

Maybe sell your r9 270's and buy a 4k monitor?

I want you to make a quick prayer circle for your friend for blessing you with a 780ti. Lol

Lawd have mercy,

Keep the 780ti. It's just a little faster than the 970 but slower than the 980. You'll better off keeping that than running two 270X cards in crossfire. There's less headaches with a Single GPU config.

Sell your 270s and overclock your 780 ti! GG friend.

You have an awesome friend but I agree with the others, benchmark both setups and keep whatever is better. If you do end up selling the 780ti though probably don't tell your friend about it or he may get angry since he could have sold it and instead gave it to you for free.

At that resolution, either the crossfire or the 780ti should be overkill. Hell, one 270x should be enough for the vast majority of games out there at 768p. I say sell whichever will get you more money, and then get a better monitor. Something decent.

Use both, and do whatever with the left over 270.

why? a gtx 780ti cant handle 4k. id rather get an even better gpu (like the fury x) and then a better tv

Keep the 780ti, it has more memory 3gb vs 2gb.

i got the R9 270x 4GB OC edition