So 1440p is it worth it?

I recently got hired at a company doing some software engineering work, and thus got some left over cash, so i figured id splooge abit on a 1440p monitor this month, maybe even an extra rx480 but meh not sure yet, but i figured id rather ask first before wasting money on something that would just anoy me more than bring pleasure.
Is 1440p really that different then 1080? i mean i can supersample my desktop and what not on my RX480, on a 1080p screen, and honestly working on a super sampled 1440p desktop pisses me off more then i like, gaming wise it's a really nice bump in the graphics, not to mention a big e-peen to say you can run games at 1440p, and the RX480 handles that resolution like a champ with a single card, but my worry really is the desktop part, having to zoom on webpages, and all that gets real old real fast.
Back to my question, what are you guys thoughts? worth it, not worth it.


Oh yeah I'd say 1440 is definitely still worth it, like you say the impact it has in gaming is great, plus the extra screen real estate you get. Obviously 4k would be the dream, but keeping your system at one resolution all the time is just better and less annoying when you say, boot-up a game from a 4k desktop and then have to play it at 1080 to keep frame-rates high. If you have the chance to get a 1440p monitor I would definitely jump for it! And a 480 wouldn't hurt either :P


For? Not a lot of stuff that supports crossfire, one is quite enough.


1440p IPS for me was a huge gamechanger. Do it.

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Well i can supersample it so have tested it kindda IRL, and web browsing and so on just annoys the hell out of me, maybe im just getting old and my eyes are failing, but reading the news at micro text size or scroll zoom everytime you visit a new web page just suuuucks.
Gaming wise most game developer did what M$ simply cant seem to get off their fat arses and get done properly aka. scaling, im not touching 4k yet since it has bad support sofar, but 1440p seems to be somewhat integrated into pretty much everything the gaming world can throw at you, unless you play alot of DOS games.

1440p feels like going from 720p -> 1080p all over again. It's totally worth it!


I agree that 1440 is worth it in games, however, I can say that using it for desktop usage its not worth it. This is my opinion so it really is worth very little but I would rather have 1080 monitor for desktop and 1440 for everything else. My one caveat with 1440 is, go with a wide screen at 21:9 and then its totally worth the upgrade to 1440 over 1080. I am hand picked chosen Predator 1440 @ 100hz and can't say that I will ever go back to 16:9 format for a monitor again. Plus having the thing run at 100hz for games is amazing, but you need the graphics power to run that resolution and frame rate.

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What size is you current 1080p monitor. The target sweet spot for 1440 is 27" supposedly.

I would say ? Depends on what you are doing with it. Scaling in windows is a pita for most office tasks and even during games some. Looks nice tho.

I haven't seen 1440p but for me it is 4K or GTFO.

I used a 1080p screen for many years, then used a 1440p screen for a few weeks, and am not using a 4k monitor as a daily driver. I can't push games at 4k without turning everything way down, but I'm ok with it. For day to day stuff, 4k is absolutely amazing. I can do so much at once, can see so much at once. For coding, it is a dream come true. I use eclipse for all my coding (java dev) and when I do any coding on it (as opposed to the 1080p screens they give us at work), I feel like I can just see everything. The equivalent of 2 1080p screens stacked one on top of the other just for the code, the other two for console and whatever else I might need. For web browsing, I always have two windows open, and can see just so much. Switching between things is a dream. I can monitor several things while still having a ton of real estate for whatever my main task it. I can leave videos playing in the background with a half, or a fourth of the screen and just forget about it. Then use the other half for my main task. For me, the jump from 1080 to 1440 wasn't nearly as impressive, because it wasn't quite big enough to really split it down the middle (by snapping windows to each side) and use it like two tall monitors like I can with 4k. That is really the biggest thing for me. The ability to multi task easily. 1440p is definitely an improvement, but I would say save up for a few months, get yourself a nice 4k monitor. I have the 324k and love it. I have been eyeing the 43", IPS, Wasabi Mango 4k monitor for a while. But it is a bit expensive.

You can always upgrade the gpu to go with the resolution later on. GPUs get faster so quickly that it wouldn't be much point in upgrading right now.

the issue i have is i both like 120hz, and would like a 1440p monitor. putting those together means the prices go to $500~, or even worse if you add gsync.

i could get a new GPU for those prices.

Here is my experience: Upgraded to 1440p when I had a GTX 970 and I wasn't happy with the performance in several games I enjoy like ARK Survival which is notoriously unoptimized. The RX480 is at similar performance levels, although it does handle higher resolutions better due to its larger amount of memory (970 is infamous for being hampered here).

I upgraded to a 1070 which I would say is about the minimum I would go at this resolution if you want high or ultra settings in most games at 60FPS.

My 1440p monitor also supports gsync which combined with the higher resolution was a real game changer for me. The upgrade from 1080p was huge.

As for general desktop tasks, I find I actually prefer it now over my 1080p monitor which I am using as a second monitor. I can juggle more windows, see more information at once. When web surfing, I can put two browser windows side by side and feel like each is displaying about the same amount of info as my one 1080p monitor can.

Similar to the previous post I have both a 1080 & 1440 wide. Because I can get more consistently higher fps on the 1080 and beacause I really don't notice the difference in lot of fast paced games I do tend towards the 1080 most of the time. I like to use the 1440 for having windows side by side (21:9) and save games like the Witcher 3 for that as the slower pace and wide vistas look even better.

now adays a lot of high refresh rate 1440p monitors are comparable in price to a large 60hz 4k monitor. if you NEED the fast response time and refresh rate for pvp games like csgo then go 1440p. if not i would suggest 4k.

Definitely make sure that you're getting yourself a 1440p freesync monitor with a wide freesync range (with the maximum freesync range being at least twice the minimum refresh rate to support LFRC (low framerate compensation).
You can browse through this list for freesync monitors:
These ones look nice, but are also quite expensive. I guess that's the case with 144hz monitors...

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I have to upgraded to a 1440p monitor this month as well and its worth it. I am running the rx480 ref design with 8gb and have no problems gaming.
Also you can do this if you still have your old monitors.

I would think that would be fine if you have a GTX 1080 or Titan XP, but based on where my games sit at 1440p on my 1070, I'm not sure I'd want to go to 4k and expect anywhere close to 60FPS without turning things down to DX9 age visual levels.

But then again, many of my favorite games are notoriously un-optimized.... (See ARK Survival) YMMV.

@Klingon00 with freesynch it should be fine. my old gtx 950 could do 60fps + in 4k in a few games. with freesynch you really only need around 40, and witcher in 4k with the graphics turned down a bit is still better then maxed out in 1080 and comparable to 1440. and ofc 2x 480's or vega should be able to handle anything at max except the most broken games that are horribly optimized and dont support crossfire.

The RX 480 absolutely dominates the 1440p reso, Nvidia doesn't stand a chance price/performance, and Nvidia isn't even interrested in taking up the competition, in this segment, they're all about hitting 200+ fps at 4k.
My question really was does running a 1440p resulotion at native, contra super reso'ed desktop/gaming.
I LOVE gaming at 1440p with butter smooth graphics, but i loathe how "'cough micro$oft" handles high resolutions, even linux handles it somewhat poorly, but still better than M$, but M$ takes the cake and should really be ashamed of their shitty 'scaling' of UI. Sadly this is for a windows PC where id be gaming, and surfing the webz, so is it worth it, is there a difference between super reso'ed 1080p monitor, or can you handle yourself on a native 1440p monitor without getting gray hairs due to scrolling on webpages.?

I've got to say I'm a bit surprised you'd say that. I was under the impression that the RX480 was closer to the 1060 in performance which seems to be a solid 1080p gaming resolution target, rather than 1440p. That would at least appear to be the case based on price, and if true, is competitive.

Where Nvidia does not appear to want to compete is in the realm of gsync vs. freesync which there just is no comparison on price. Everything else being equal, the better availability and price of freesync monitors makes that a clear winner.

As for 1440p viability on the desktop, I am using it as my daily driver on a 27" monitor and I feel the UI elements are still very readable at chair distance. I couldn't even imagine what 4k would look like however. I wouldn't want to go any smaller. Most full screen web pages render with wide borders on each side of text, but it looks perfect if you tile your windows to take up half your screen side by side.