SNES Controller Button Measurements

Hey TS forums! Im making a portable emulator using the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. I don't own the controller yet, but im going to buy one once i have a plan. Does anyone know the dimensions of the D-Pad, Shoulder buttons, Start/Select, and the diameter/radius of the XYAB buttons? If you do, please respond you'd be a great help!

Not sure, but this is a pretty solid USB version of it, I just beat super meat boy with it, though I wish they would make a slightly altered version with a few more buttons

I already have one to buy here, but I just wanted to see if anyone knew the dimensions of the buttons, thanks though!


Are you building something with it?

EDIT: Never mind I would help if I could read.

I was thinking about making one and using a GBA shell.

Yea, I wanna make something that resembles the Wii U gamepad but maybe a tad but more comfortable
Have you seen some of these. The only difference is they run android. They have a bunch of similar products on that site.

I was looking at something like that but i thought it'd be neat to do it myself.

Yeah totally. I really like the look of the gba which Is why I wanted to build one.