SNES CaseMod Project

Woo first Backer!

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Fingers crossed for many more to come!

this is the video that originally inspired me. I was looking for NES PC mods because I found a thread about it randomly

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Good luck on this man. Can't wait to see some build updates. I'm going to start measuring and likely order some components for my NES PC build this weekend (thanks for all the help BTW!).

thanks and no prob man!

Cool idea your post reminded me of the mega pc from amstrad. I begged my mum for one when i was a kid but no joy.

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maybe if this is on schedule for launch I could have one in the SNES PC

this might be a good option with a GPU

but I can't find it for sale anywhere

What do you think of this Asus H81/CSM? LINK
Sucks that it lacks a PCI-E slot though.

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