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SMB share slower than expected


Which options are those? And do you mean the config in /etc/local/smb4.conf?


Oh I thought you added smb.conf options through the GUI ?


I did, but I only added a few options when I tried improving the performance. Those are these:

max xmit = 65535

Everything else is default like it ships. Technically I can remove them again, since it makes no difference for my performance.


Maybe try it? Then reboot everything ?


Done, but still the same situation. Same (low) CPU load and same transfer speed. I also tried copying files in the other direction and I get pretty much the same number of 70 MB/s.


Do you use compression on your volume?
What version of Freenas?


Yes, it is using the standard lz4 compression, but I don't think that the Xeon can't keep up with >70MB/s.

It says "FreeNAS-9.10.2-U1 (86c7ef5)".


Transferring to or from a Windows box?
Watch task manager for bitrate of transfer. I have noticed it normally does better than the one that shows during the file transfer operation.


I am transferring to and from a Ubuntu machine. I checked the menu addon that let's me see total system bandwidth usage and it matches what the file transfer dialog says.


What smb protocol are you using on Freenas. There should be an option for minimum protocol and highest protocol allowed to be used under smb config page.


Minimum is "---------" and maximum is the highest that I can pick, "SMB3_11", but I think "SMB3" was default. However, I tried that before and there is no performance difference.


Well not sure what all you tried but try smb2 for max and core for lowest.


I just tried it, restarted the service and I see the same number.


Its important to point out, that comfreak is running freenas and I am running Ubuntu server LTS 16.04, and we have literally the same issue. So I believe this to be platform agnostic.


Realtek or Intel NICs?


It's an Intel I219 on-board.

$ lspci
[...] Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection (2) I219-LM (rev 31)


Well damn I'm all out of suggestions


Nope wait one more and then I'll shut up.
What switch is between machines and have you tried different cables?


The switch I am using is built in to my ISP's router. It's quite a high-end router, so I don't expect poor performance. There is about 6 ft of CAT5e going to each machine from there. Running iperf gave me 940 MBit/s, which is the theoretical maximum for Gigabit-Ethernet, so I don't think the actual network is an issue. When I transfer files from the same ZFS dataset via WebDAV, I get 110 MB/s.

So my assumption so far is that the SMB share is the limiting factor, either because of bad configuration (however, I didn't really change anything from the default settings) or a problem that everyone has, but no one cares about?


How big of files are you transferring?
Only thing I can think now is export your volumes and re install install freenas..
My freenas 9.10 box would hit around 90-95mb on large files transfers like movies and such.
Lots of small files if I remember would kind of fluctuate from around 35-60 or 70.