SMB Multichannel

Hey guys, after watching the SMB multichannel video i thought i'd make a post with my findings with Server 2016 and Windows 10 (1607). So to give a background my main gaming system is a 6600k with 16GB DDR4 memory, Samsung 850EVO 500GB SSD, 2x500GB WD Blacks and a intel I350T4 with the ipaddresses of and statically assigned with one assigned a gateway and both assigned primary DNS of my router The server in question is a E3-1230V3 xeon system with ESXI 6.0U2 with several drives and the Server 2016 VM hosted on the SSD with the intel I350T4 passed through via VT-D with the NIC teaming set to Switch Independent, address hash, all nics active (microsoft disabled lacp on vm's for some reason...)

So, down to the issue, when pulling from the servers SSD i can happily get over 1.6gbp/s but for some strange reason sending to the server is limited at 1gbp/s even though from my windows 10 system it is using all connected nics but sending to the server multichannel seems to be inactive, now ive tried this on a hardware install of 2016 on a Microserver with both nics connected and experienced the same results. I've done loads of searching and configured RSS correctly and increased buffer sizes on any nic involved but im at a loss, any help?

This is probably the problem. If you don't have a switch that supports link aggregation then don't use it. You'd be better off configuring the nics independently as you did in the windows 10 machine. If the switch does support link aggregation but you can't use LACP then can you use a static configuration instead?

For whatever reason Microsoft won't let you set a Static or LACP link due to the system being virtualised. I get the same results when using the nics independently on both Physical and Virtalised.