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Smartphones with removable batteries are never coming back


Yup, I keep forgetting that. My bad!


well 128 GB ssd would be preferred but gotta cut corners some where lol.


Clickbait. My V20 has a removable battery.


the big box name brands are content to let phones be disposable. and i am content on not buying the disposable crap that they offer.


Just updated my lineageOS to the current nightly on my Moto G4 Play. The phone is cheap and simply does everything I need it to do. Only thing I would change would be to open up the whole radio stuff, that would be the icing on the cake. And I know the librem5 and all but that is just way too expensive and I still don’t think that a standard linux DE makes a lot of sense on a phone.


Maybe, but people are slowly running out of options for good, quality smartphones if they want some semblance of privacy and freedom.


Well yes and no.

In all honesty, one may still be able to replace the battery on most of the smartphones that have been sealed shut on the market today. But, it’s always at the very least, requiring of a hair dryer and adhesive melting session. There are certainly manufacturers that make it as difficult as possible, but from what I’ve experienced it’s mostly about patience and having the correct tools. You just have to remove a back plate/glass and disconnect a single latch.

Added hassle? Yes. Is it as obsolete as it is made out to be? In some cases yes, in most cases no.


I wonder how long it will take before someone gets hurt attempting to do that.


People get hurt in regular production and repair.
And everyone who knows how to solder burned themself at some point.


Everyone who cooks food on regular basis have probably hurt them selves at some point.


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