Smartphones with removable batteries are never coming back

I joust found this article on reddit and oh boy it has so much cringe it deserves its own thread.

It’s not that Apple can’t make an iPhone with a removable battery, but because it doesn’t make any sense to. Removable batteries had their time in the '90s-00s.

Oh it totally makes sense because I can extend the life of the device by replacing the battery and when the OS freezes and stops responding even to power button you can simply remove the battery and put it back in. Essentially perform a hard-restart. On top of that it is environmentally more friendly. I have Blackberry from 2013 and it still has removable battery.

Metal and glass bodies simply do not mix well removable batteries. It’s possible to make one — the LG G5 was an example of this — but it’s going to be greatly compromised. Sealed batteries have enabled slimmer designs and the use of new, more luxurious materials that wouldn’t have been aesthetically possible if they had to account for a removable back battery.

I think he would be surprised to find out many people don’t give a shit how slim their phone is. Is he seriously suggesting that premium design and aesthetics are more important than functionality and practicality? He needs to start blogging about women’s hand bags not smartphones.

Had these phones used a removable rectangle-shaped battery, they wouldn’t get the stellar battery life that they do in the same svelte designs. You’d have a phone that looks like something enclosed in an Otterbox. Basically, big, heavy, and ugly. And just eww. No thank you.

What the fuck is he talking about. My Sony-Ericsson K700 would last for 2 weeks on one charge. While your svelte designs last no more than 48 hours. And he calls that stellar…HAHAHAHAHAHAH XD

To be honest he can be spewing non-sense about slimmer design, water resistance, more room for other gimmicks all day long. Ultimately all companies are doing this to stop people for servicing their own devices, to keep you further and further away from control. And of course to make it obsolete as fast as possible to make you spend more money.

But much like the death of the PS/2 port, floppy disk, headphone jack, etc., it’s time to move on. Removable batteries were practical — and limited by old designs and technology — when phones were as thick as a Snickers and weren’t as feature-packed as they are today.

After reading that it is evidently clear that he was born yesterday and doesn;t live outside the Apple/Samsung camp. My phone, dictaphone, laptop, desktop, mp3 player has one. Damn I must be hallucinating.


The smartphone market is weird. All of the expensive phones don’t have removable batteries, and are slowly losing things like headphone jacks.

But on the flip side, my Moto E4 I got from Ebay for $70 (amazing phone for the price btw) has a removable battery, headphone jack, microsd slot etc.

So yeah, it’s true that the market basically makes no sense in this regard, but these cheaper phones will likely keep these features for quite some time yet.


I agree, I was just pointing out the absurdity of that article. The whole smartphone market goes against common sense. Expensive phones should have more features not less.


I’m continuously disappointed with how much of a phone’s internal volume is the battery in modern phones. I’d expect it to be a much bigger proportion of the volume, more similar to tablets.

Mashable … effing retards.


The author is writing like their opinion is the opinion of everybody.


Apart from the article beeing writen like a satire on the state of the market, the content makes no sense!

Beeing able to exchange the battery without special tools should not affect anything else.
At that, nothing is preventing phone manufactureres from using bare battery packs. The housing is not required as there is a phone arround it!

“Stellar battery life” -> ???
I know some phones that last 2 weeks per charge, but not one of them is a smartphone. Looking at the replacement cells for the newer smartphones, the capacity is beeing decreased over time.
How is a slim device beneficial when you need a backup battery to get through the day (12 hours of use)? Just make the device 4mm thicker allowing for double the capacity.

Looking at charge cycles, the average lithium cell can endure about 350 charge cylces before loosing capacity, after 500 it is slowly dying and at 700 it is probably e-waste.
NiMH-cells would be better (500 to 1000 cycles before loosing capacity).
Drawing high current (8c cpu, too much ram, etc.) kills the battery faster.

My smart phone lasts a decent while, but then again, I try to turn off features if I don’t use them.

I moded my phone (it is a brick phone) and now it has a 2300mAh cell in it. One charge gets me through 2 to 3 weeks.


Smart phones are meant to be disposable. Makes sense that they would move in this direction. A replaceable battery potentially extends the life on a device.

Can you remind me again why does a phone need 8 core cpu, 4GB RAM, and resolution that is higher than my 27" monitor?




Nobody knows

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TBH I wanted to see if I would ever need a phone with a replacable battery option so I got the LG G3, worked like a dream but I never needed to repalce the battery nor did I use it enough to warrent needing a second battery to hotswap it. So I got my new LG V30 and it has a quick charge option just in case, but I don’t really need it because the battery is really great and its at 20% by 11pm for me.

SD cards, headphone jacks and removable batteries are all going away, it might not make sense but it’s still going to happen.

My Samsung GS5 has a removable battery. Of course when the charging port went out and I REALLY needed to use the phone right then, you know what I found? They don’t sell a hotswap battery charger! You can buy all the batteries you want but have to charge them in the phone.

Ya, it was nice having one for my LG G4. Never even had to actually plug the phone in. Those days are over though, sadly.

For VR of course.

Only if you keep buying phones without those features. Are you perhaps one of those people?

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Would think there being alternative very soon for people like me, I just want to listen music, both cable and/or latest bluetooth, and scroll tiddies :upside_down_face:

Thats about that

Whenever Lounge gets linked with random deal I’m just checking whats the bluetooth, before looking anything else

I recall that original OnePlus were happening to counter expensive phones with garbage, could be remembering wrong reason, but there were some reason which did do the hype