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Smartphone recommendation


So my OnePlus 3 is slowly taking its last breath. I think its time to upgrade.
Does anyone have a good phone recommendation?


Size 140-150mm
Screen at least 5"
2018 or newer
600$ or less

Does anyone got any recommendations?



Pixel 3a?

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Since i heard that the pixel 3 has performance problems after a few month i dont think the 3a will cut it :frowning:
Dont get me wrong mid tier smartphones are fine but they should atleast perform without crashing



I don’t have mine yet, but i’m still rocking a Redmi Note 5 Pro, which is 40% slower and is fine.
The reports of slowdown on the 3 seem to have gone down, and every 3a owner i’ve talked to is really happy.

You could shop around and, depending on deals, get a S10e for that price. The OnePlus 6T is still a great option, though a bit larger.

What is important to you in a smartphone? Screen, Cam, Games?



The Size should not be to big hence 140-150 mm, good camera and at least 1 day batterie

I dont mind waiting for an app to open as long as it doesnt crash



1 Day battery life depends heavily on what you do with your phone. I haven’t found one that doesn’t do a day for me and most do 2-3. But my smartphone does no facebook, snapchat, instagram, no Media Consumption etc. It’s only for messaging, mail and some web browsing. I get around 2 hours of screen time per day.

If small and good camera is your goal and you don’t mind waiting here and there, i stand by my first recommendation for the Pixel 3a. You could get the Regular Pixel 3 for your budget and gain some performance while trading for some support lifetime.

There aren’t many “small” phones out there. Especially not small and good camera. The Pixel and S10e are the only ones i’m aware of that go with a smaller footprint.



did you say you orderd the 3a as well?



My contract is due in a month and i’m getting it then. So yeah, i’ll be ordering mine at the end of this month.
The 3a is incredible value if you want a great camera. There are no other budget or small options with a great camera. If you can go with a mediocre camera, there might be other options.
And as said, the S10e should be doable in your pricerange.



This is the only correct answers since its cheap and get security updates for at least 3 years (note I own one)



Have had pixel 3a since launch zero issues

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OnePlus 6, charges v fast, using two sim cards has around two days battery at low to moderate use. Get a lot of hardware for the money spent. My next phone will without a question be the same brand.



Can also recommend the Oneplus 6 or 6t. My dad just got a 6t (had an iphone 6s before, let´s see how that goes, he ditched it, because he was getting “out of space” errors all the time everywhere, because 16gb isn´t exactly a whole lot to work with). I have a oneplus 6. They are about the same. If you´re using your phone on flat survaces a lot. Get the 6t for the under screen fingerprint. Otherwise, if the 6 can be found cheaper, get that one.



I don’t like phones with built in obsolescence so I bought a phone with a removable battery, LG V20, last of it’s kind. It is a little large and other than this model does not have an unlocked bootloader it is a great phone.



Just because the battery isn’t easily removable doesn’t mean you can’t replace the battery



Yeah, I know, however I do not like built in obsolescence and the phone companies know that most people will buy a new phone. My last two phones I had for over 5 years. They both went through two batteries in that time frame. I try to buy top end equipment, root the phone, and remove the bloat so I get a lot of use for my money. And lately, the old phones are almost as good as the new phones in features however the price is certainly lower. I don’t need bragging rights. :slight_smile:



the problem with those old phones is that they dont have the best camera :frowning:



Depends on the company. Apple has a very clear battery replacement service. Google’s phones have something similar but there’s no listed prices and it’s run by third parties.

But it’s definitely not strictly planned obsolescence, just depends on the company. If anything androids 2 year support is planned obsolescence.



Depends on the phone, some of the older ones had great cameras.



The cost for battery replacement is much higher for phones with non-removable batteries. I still think it is planned obsolescence.



You can replace the battery but that’s planned obsolescence. Doesn’t make much sense.

I’d agree with you if it was impossible to replace the battery, but that isn’t true.