Smart Watch: LG G R vs Asus Zenwatch vs waiting

Figured this goes in gadgets. Basically my school refund is coming in and so are my taxes. Do not consider price as a problem, only features and looks.

I've been wanting to buy a watch for a while, so I figured why not get a smart watch? The only problem I have is that I have no idea if they're currently worth buying. With the Apple Watch coming out (that I'm absolutely not going to buy) I feel that the other companies will end up approving on and making better watches within the year.

If I end up waiting, I'll spend the money on a new laptop, which I don't really need, but my mom's old one is pretty much at the end of it's life, so she could use my old one while I upgrade.

Does anyone have any opinions that could help my decision?

  1. Sony smartwatch
  2. Moto 360
  3. Samsung Gear 
  4. Samsung Gear S

  5.  Samsung Gear Live

  6. Pebble...(dont recommend unless you want simplest stuff.)

Hope it helped... I hate smart watches... If you know about the RFID thing, you will know why....

None of those watches listed have what I need in a watch, which is look nice and last at least a full day on one charge. Some of them also have problems with not fully round screens.

Fairly certain that's just being paranoid about the RFID, too.