"Smart Home" combined furnace, humidifier and HRV control

As the title says, I intend to build a combined controller for the furnace, humidifier and HRV. Locally I want fine grained control of all set points, but keep remote control limited to checking the status and setting preset home/away modes.

The full project will involve:

  • picking a processor for the control unit and get some sort of authentication working [Devember]
  • build an API to get the current status and set desired temp/humidity [Devember]
  • build a basic android app that uses the API to control the controller [Devember]
  • setup a hosted portal for limited portion of the API [Devember]
  • touch screen interface controls
  • write control algorithms
  • prototype sensor unit
  • build 5-6 sensors
  • build power circuit to run off of 24V
  • build electrical control of furnace, humidifier and HRV
  • … (probably more)

Going to try an hammer away at the more coding oriented tasks as part of #devember2020. But hope to continue the project and this thread afterwards.

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How’d it go?