Smallest Case for my rig?

Hey guys, so as my fiancée and I are getting our new place next year when she graduates. 
I currently have a build that is a little too big for married life. 
We will be sharing our gaming/art room together, so I kinda fancy something smaller.

CPU// i7 3770K @ 4.0 w/ Corsair H70
MOBO// Asus Sabretooh Z77
GPU// MSI 780
RAM// Patriot Viper 32GB w/ painted black dimm coolers w/leds. 
HD// 2 x 2TB WD Caviar Green, 1 x 1TB WD Caviar Black, 1x 300GB Velociraptor 
PSU// Ultra LSP750 750W
CASE// Thermaltake Chaser MK1

I don't have any strong desire to stick with all my hard drives. 
I'll be fine with the SSD, Velociraptor and a 1TB for games.

What case would you guys recommend that would fit my mobo and gpu?
Or would you guys recommend switching mobos?



Hmm... any ATX Case should do the job. since you didn't give any further information on aesthetics i will suggest taking a look at the Fractal Design Define R4, it's a sleek simple looking case. unfortunateley i can't provide any links because the fractal design website seems to be blocked by my office for some reason lol.

Size-wise, your only constraints are the mobo and 780. Measure the length of the card and find the smallest ATX case there is. Any ATX should handle your drives. Or do what I did and set up a silent server under a bed in the next room...

Yeah aesthetically I am only looking for "as long as it is black" lol.
Oddly not working for me either, might be on their end.
It is a sexy looking case, going to check out the size measurements as we speak. :)
Thanks Striezel!