Smaller PC

Alright so heres the deal, i currently have an ASUS Z77-Deluxe with a 680 and H100. All this is inside a NZXT Phantom 001 so its a bit heavy and bulky, i was wondering if there was a case out there that could hold all my hardware( plus another 680, im wanting to get another for power) and be in a smaller form factor so i dont have to get a new 680 PLUS a whole new lan PC for another $500. Ideas and imput are appreciated. 

Well you obviously can't go much smaller if you are not changing out your mothoard since that is ATX from what I could find out. But you can look at some cases like the Fractal Design Arc Midi R2, Corsair C70, Cooler Master Storm Scout 2, the Cooler Master HAF series of case's or Fractal Design Define R4. That's just a few. The NZXT Phantom is quite a big case so you can get smaller case's than that, but not very much smaller.

Hope that helped.

If i were to go smaller motherboard, what could hold an ASUS Xonar Sound card and two 680s?