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Small windows problems thread

Not an expert, but have seen Windows seeing bad ram sticks, but just not using them.
Might be worth checking all the sticks are good, in case one bad module is messing up your system… and easy way to check

It’s currently set to equal, I suppose I’ll try to double it and see what happens.

And @Trooper_Ish, hmm, yeah, I probably will give that a try. I’ve never heard of Windows doing that before, so I may give memtest a run overnight.

quite frequently missing dll files occur when updates install. while it may not be intentional it does happen Its one reason to make frequent backups and set frequent restore points. this allows your system to be restored to a working condition.
sometimes it can be a result of malware. them you get the warning message and a link to restore it (usually costing you 35 to 50 dollars)

@ Aramis the solution to that error was to make sure you had a copy in the system and the system32 folders (both of them) and often in the folder of the program you were running
quite often it was a registry error that was not pointing to the location of the dll file

You have insufficient kernel memory left is my guess.

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I am having an odd situation where after the latest update I am not able to right click the screen and reorganize the icons on the desktop. I am running Windows 7 64 bit OS. I haven’t seen this issue before ever with any OS I believe. Anyone experiencing the same thing and have a solution?

Try another mouse, or reseat yours.

I rebooted once again and I think the issue is resolved. Facts are though this didn’t happen until I updated the OS tonight. Also prior to it being fixed I had tried disconnecting the mouse and connecting it and it did nothing. Anyway fingers crossed the issue is gone for good.

I do use windows but don’t really know shit about it.

Problem: Windows 2008 running glacially slow. Resource and Performance monitor says:



Warning: High average interrupts / processor. This machine has 16 processors and 6 network cards. Total Interrupts/sec on the machine is 159012. The average interrupts per processor per sec is 9938.
Related: Performance Diagnosis

Device Manager only knows that it has two network cards so there is that. And the network cards are not pushing much data.

System context switches 144K per second on a 16 core processor. I’m going out on a limb and saying each interrupt generates a context switch.

So how to discover what the hell is generating all these interrupts? Any thoughts?

A bug that was fixed with 2012

Use process explorer to narrow down whats causing the high interrupts.

I’m running Windows 7 and having a bit of an odd issue where I’ll put my computer to sleep and it breaks certain programs, at first it was PowerChute Business for my UPS, on wake it will jump to 25% CPU usage but otherwise works fine if I restart the service, so of course at first I thought it was a problem with powerchute but nobody else has reported high cpu usage, also I use outlook and I’ve noticed it too has problem after being woken up where it won’t load images unless I relaunch it, so I’m thinking something in Windows must be breaking things.

Any ideas? Because I’m not even sure where to start looking… Never had this sort of issue before.

Sleep has always been kind of a crapshoot for various reasons. I would suggest trying hibernation in its place.

Well I’ve never had problems before or ever with sleep, really most of my problems started ever since I upgraded from a 7850 to an rx 470 and I just yesterday seemingly fixed my one issue with PowerChute, by using DDU to clean the drivers off my system and reinstalling them, still no images in outlook though and also I didn’t mention it but AMD wattman keeps forgetting my custom fan curve in favor of turning on zero rpm, even after DDU which was working in the old stable build soo… Yeah, I’m getting the feeling that my problems are caused by the STILL buggy AMD drivers and probably worth rolling back to a few older versions to see how well that does.

How is the windows 1803 and other updates? I heard some news of the past couple of updates causing issues for people.

Are they fixed on the recent patches and are there any issues in the newer patches?

old articles.

No issues up to 1903 here.

I’ve tried updating my Windows machine to 1803 and it fails every time.
Boots into a recovery mode, and then reboots saying it’s failed with a generic error code. I’ve given up, this machine will just perpetually be on… Whatever version it’s currently running until I port it too over to Linux.

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Just update with the media creation tool

Gotta love it when windows 10 chooses to restart without your permission and no notification that a restart was going to occur.

Mine doesn’t do it …

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Alternatively for plebian home users :troll:

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