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Small windows problems thread



Not an expert, but have seen Windows seeing bad ram sticks, but just not using them.
Might be worth checking all the sticks are good, in case one bad module is messing up your system… and easy way to check


It’s currently set to equal, I suppose I’ll try to double it and see what happens.

And @trooperish, hmm, yeah, I probably will give that a try. I’ve never heard of Windows doing that before, so I may give memtest a run overnight.


quite frequently missing dll files occur when updates install. while it may not be intentional it does happen Its one reason to make frequent backups and set frequent restore points. this allows your system to be restored to a working condition.
sometimes it can be a result of malware. them you get the warning message and a link to restore it (usually costing you 35 to 50 dollars)

@ Aramis the solution to that error was to make sure you had a copy in the system and the system32 folders (both of them) and often in the folder of the program you were running
quite often it was a registry error that was not pointing to the location of the dll file


You have insufficient kernel memory left is my guess.


I am having an odd situation where after the latest update I am not able to right click the screen and reorganize the icons on the desktop. I am running Windows 7 64 bit OS. I haven’t seen this issue before ever with any OS I believe. Anyone experiencing the same thing and have a solution?


Try another mouse, or reseat yours.


I rebooted once again and I think the issue is resolved. Facts are though this didn’t happen until I updated the OS tonight. Also prior to it being fixed I had tried disconnecting the mouse and connecting it and it did nothing. Anyway fingers crossed the issue is gone for good.