Small windows problems thread

Can ram thats been stressed and tested still be bad??? I ran it for a bunch of passes in Memtestx86

unlikely if you ran the test for 4-12 hours with zero errors then your likely good on the ram.
so i would look through the logs for driver fails.

the only thing the BSOD logs point to is intelppm.sys…

All these articles and forum posts claim they fixed the issue but I havent been able to and it only being an issue with zipping files is throwing me off

Do you have a link to this? Their site seems like a forum

And you suggested running the Linux version to eliminate the Windows factor…

I appreciate the suggestion!

I’d start with the Windows version first. If can’t get a BSOD then I don’t see the point of trying it under Linux.

Got it… makes sense

the windows version is confusing… LOL I need to read up on how to run it tomorrow

Yeah, it’s all command line driven but there is an interactive mode which guides you through choosing the testing options. Feel free to PM me if you get stuck.

I have to use a Windows laptop for work. Whenever I open a pdf it launches with the top bar off the top of the screen. I have to hover my mouse over its icon on the taskbar, wait for the preview to appear, right click (which is on a really shit touchpad without separate buttons, so this normally takes a couple of attempts), move, and then arrow key down until it’s all on screen. I have to do this every. single. time.

Linux has never launched things off screen before, but if it did alt+drag world solve it quickly. How can I stop Windows from doing this?

Ughh I think I installed this suite the right way and now my PC is sluggish as hell… :frowning: I really dont want to reinstall the OS

Backing up now… going to reinstall my OS and apps

I had a very interesting weirdness on my work notebook, kept having issues trying to install Libre Office with a very generic error and it turned out there was a Windows Update going on in the background. After waiting for Windows Update to complete I was later able to install Libre Office.

I was looking at my mum’s Windows 11 laptop to change her wallpaper settings and I assumed you could get there by right clicking the desktop like you can in Plasma (lol wrong). However what is in the right click menu was an “open in terminal” option. Right there in the desktop, presumably part of the file manager, open in terminal. Not even command prompt. Terminal. So I clicked it and it opened power shell. Windows is gradually turning into a shit version of Linux, I swear.