Small Water Cooled Build

Hi all, I'm currently in the process of building a mini itx computer with a full rigid tube water cooled loop. One of the few good cases I've seen for this is the Fractal Design Define Nano S but it doesn't release till next month I believe. And me being impatient was curious as to other cases that would be good for my build. Any suggestions?

Caselabs probably makes something, but otherwise that's going to be the best choice, although why you'd want to water cool an ITX rig with a single GPU is beyond me man. Did you already have a nice 4k display or something?

BitFenix Prodigy has radiator mounts for days. It's a large case for mITX, but that's what gives it the modularity.

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Yes BitFenix Prodigy was also my First thought, check out SingularityComputers on youtube

Not doing it for performance rather than aesthetics. I've always wanted to try my hand at it plus love the look of it. My build has the 6700k and a 980ti. As for the monitor I just got a 1440p monitor from Asus that looks great. And thanks guys for the responses. I'll look into them

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Ya I dunno man, do water cooling after you got 3 40" 4K displays and 2 980tis. Otherwise Jayz has everything you'd need to know about water cooling.