Small socket 2011 mobo

the 4820k is cheaper than the 4770K in england right now, and im debating selling my old pc while its still worth something and upgrading to a something hopefully a decent amount better. my old pc however, is a midi tower in size (nzxt phantom) so I'm looking for something smaller, anyone know of a smaller than atx socket 2011 motherboard that isnt drastically expensive, and is available in the uk (if there are any). Thanks 

well in the NZXT Phantom 410 midi tower you can use a normal sized ATX board. why would you look for a micro atx board?

I'm selling my old pc, gonna build a better, smaller one, I'm looking for a board thats smaller than regular atx, so that I can get a smaller case.


Asus Rampage IV Gene

Both are micro ATX 2011

ah okay thats clears a lot. well i was thinking about the Asus Rampage IV Gene. thats probably the best M-atx board you can get for socket 2011.

Im honestly not looking for,something amazibg, only really needs to have WiFi and 4 sata slots and space for a gpu, ill check it out though, wasnt aware of an m atc 2011 rog board, thanks 

The Asus board is probably the best one out there. However I do not see the point in using a 2011 socket in an M-ATX form factor. The main benfits of 2011 you aren't/won't be able to utilize.

Firstly, you're only using a quad core on a socket that can support 12. In an M-ATX form factor you only get 4 DIMM slots, when it can support 8 and you lose all PCI-e benefits as you simply don't have enough physical connectivity to utilize all the PCI-e bandwidth 2011 has to offer.

IMO there is no point in going to 2011 if you plan to use an M-ATX for factor.

im not going to throw 8 ramsticks and 4 graphics cards in there though, but the 4820k is cheaper than the 4770k, which is somewhat less powerfull, I thought heck, why not get it. Im not drowning in money, I dont need a 12 core cpu with quad titans and 64Gb of ram Zanginator.

Socket 2011 mobos cost far more than 1150 mobos, so if you are using a M-atx board (thus the extra pcie lanes aren't very useful), aren't planning to get a 6+ core any time soon then your wasting money, probably far more than you'll save getting a decent lga1150 mobo and I7 4770 cpu. Plus socket 2011 is still ivy bridge E, haswell has some serous optimization advantages, only real other advantage to the 2011 4 cores over the 1150 version is its a better overclocker, a factor that most people don't use, nor have the cooling or on board power phases to use due to its higher power consumption and heat. If overclockings not for you then get a non-K cpu and cheaper 1150 mobo, if its what you live for then I'd advise a full atx board, large case and water cooler, but yes 2011 is the pick in that case.

Did you ever thought about an intel socket 1150 Xeon 1230-V3 cpu

This cpu is basicly a i7-4770 without igpu, ive heard that it performs very well in gaming, you could also look at cheaper motherboards then, because the OC potential is near as zero. the big pro of xeon cpu´s is that they support hardware virtualization VT-d.

I quite like having the ability to overclock at some point in the future, otherwise I'd definately get the xeon