Small Linux

Hi I really enjoy watching your guys videos and I thought I could have a go at one of these inbox questions so my question is what is the smallest Linux distro I have a really crap computer and I need a small free OS less than 500mb would be good. but it must have a GUI



There is Tiny Core Linux, its light as hell, to be fair most distros dont use 500MB (I presume you mean RAM) Debian is also nice and light, Arch is again light but requires knowledge in terminal (Or beginners guide) Gentoo is superb for a system like yours as you compile everything to your specification, basically your own OS that is different to anyone elses.

thanks I will try Debian but I noticed that people make there own distros of Ubuntu I was hoping to find one of those I will try Lubuntu but I was hoping for a install file that is less than 100mb or even 50mb if possible  

Tiny core is as small as it gets really, but I have no real experience with it.

thanks could you please link me to it?


There is also puppy linux, and there was a distro called damn small linux but i believe the developers stopped updating it 

thank you I will take it into consideration - Use the CorePlus edition

DSL is no longer supported, but TCL is made by one of the devs from it I believe