Small Formfactor Workstation Plan

So Im planning a new build to do so i can have a small mini system on my desktop for day to day tasks and then have my TR Pro machine sat away from my desk or in another room so the noise won’t affect me/disurb me when running compute tasks, what will take a few days/weeks.

Although this will be first actual Mini ITX system ill build all by myself and the trend has recently made me lean towards it due to just wanting a small compact and powerful little machine that can game and do some light work while i offload most of my stuff to my more powerful TR Pro rig.

(if you see anything wrong/anything you think i should change please let me know since im open to ideas and not fully set on my plans yet!)

Parts List:

  • Platform - Intel Z690 or W680 (if it comes out anytime soon)
  • Motherboard - ASRock Intel Z690 Phantom Gaming-ITX/Mini iTX W680 Board from asrock.
  • CPU 12600k/Xeon W alternative ( since i would like the ECC just for peace of mind since this year alone ive had 2 kits of ram fail on me)
  • Cooler Noctua NF-A12x25
  • Storage Kingston KC3000 2TB + Thunderbolt Drive External SSD
  • Fans Phanteks T30 Fans.
  • Ram 32Gb Trident Z Royal Silver DDR5 (if available otherwise ill get whatever is available) / ECC Ram if i decided to go for W680.
  • GPU Titan V ( due to not being able to sell it so may aswell use it for something)
  • Case Formd T1 Titanium
  • PSU Corsair SF750 Platinum